Thursday, July 20, 2006

Steve Nash.....Sans Hair

                                Steve Nash

R.I.P. licked fingers.  R.I.P. Kelly Leak.  R.I.P. Karen Allen [the chick from "Scrooged"].

Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash showed up at a basketball camp with a shaved dome.  No hair.  No greasy hair.  No annoyingly greasy hair.

One of Steve Nash's signature moves is his "lick the fingers and come the hair to the sides" move while running down the court or shooting free throws.  I mean, my wife even knows about that.  So much so that during the Suns-Lakers series, she became quite annoyed by it. 

It's odd since....well....the hair has been so good to him.  If I just won two consecutive MVP awards, I wouldn't change a thing.  Something about 'not messing with a good thing'. 

   Here is Nash as we know him. 

  Here is Nash in his Santa Clara days.

  Here is Nash when he played Little League.

  Here is Nash when he starred in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

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