Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another Cincinnati Bengal Arrested

This is getting out of hand.

Sure, the Cowboys and Raiders have had some characters in their time.  The Panthers and Ravens went thru a rough patch with some guys involved in murder.  But this Bengals stuff, while not as damaging as some of the other crimes, is just getting weird.

I mean, how does a team have a receiver [4 times], two draft picks, a linebacker and now a defensive tackle all be either arrested or suspended by the league in a span of 7 months??

This time it is Matthais Askew, a defensive lineman for the Bengals [he was only active for one game last year]. 

Cincinnati police were arresting Askew for a parking violation when Askew struggled with them during handcuffing....broke away...and the officers used a taser to shock him.  Askew blew off officers who told him to move his illegally parked car and then refused to show them his ID.  That was "resisting an officer" which led to the attempted arrest which led to the taser. 


thesportsguru14 said...

This has got to be a record for the most players on a roster to be going through litigation at the same time.

The Bengals are starting to remind me of the U!

The Guru

monponsett said...

They should just have training camp at a prison.