Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kobe v Michael


Below is a video a buddy of mine RichCBT found.  It is nearly a shot-by-shot replica of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan performing the same a cyberspace version of H-O-R-S-E. 

Rich said,  "I've always thought that the Kobe--MJ similarities were eerie, and I don't think most of it is conscious on Kobe's part.  They just have similar (and nearly unmatched) physical talent-levels, size, voice, gait, and mannerisms.  Clearly they are two of the most talented to ever lace them up.  I do not find it a Kobe put-down to say that MJ still may be the greatest, but Kobe's got more years to establish himself as MJ's equal or superior."  I agree with him. 


                  YouTube - Kobe biting MJ

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monponsett said...

Kobe should try the "win a title while actually leading the team" shot before he gets into it with Big Mike. In fact, in that picture... I see a bit of Pippen to Kobe.