Monday, July 24, 2006

Just Sprinkle Some Hippie Lettuce On It


Now, it is easy to make fun of Errick Lynne Williams....err, Ricky Williams....for playing in the Canadian Football League.  I mean, what is that "a-boot"??  However, I do agree with it....since it keeps Williams in shape, it keeps Williams [hopefully] on his football-only diet and it shows me that Williams is serious about it all.

If you didn't see it....Williams extended his left arm out to break his fall early in his CFL game between the Toronto Argonauts and Saskatchewan Roughriders.  He broke his fall....and his forearm. 

And with his contract with both the Miami Dolphins and Toronto state that the Argos can do what they want with him.  So, if they wanted to put Williams out there with a broken arm...Miami cannot stop them.  The team did say that Sir Ricky will miss a month with the injury. 

Williams is 6th in the CFL in rushing....behind Joffrey Reynolds [Houston], Charles Roberts [Sacramento State], Robert Edwards [Georgia], Kerry Joseph [McNeese State] and Troy Davis [Iowa State].  The CFL's salary cap is......$3.8M; a far cry from the billion dollar NFL. 

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gepetto2207 said...

Nice to see Robert Edwards name in print.  Poor guy had an horrific knee injury.


monponsett said...

Time for Ricky's introduction to painkillers. He won't break 750 yards a season again.