Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Terrell Needs To Concentrate On His New Team

Let me start this by saying Terrell Owens is probably the best receiver in the NFL....and, yes, if he was a Redskin then I'd probably do what Niners and Eagles fans did and Cowboys fans are doing now - looking the other way. 

But Owens is a hypocrite.

If you don't believe that I can play the fence like that....just ask me about Kobe Bryant.  Kobe is my favorite player right now since he's the star of the Lakers.  However, I'm sure I'd hate him just like all you non-Laker fans do if he was on another team.  And I will admit that Kobe is a lot of the things you guys throw out there.  I straight call him a "jerk".  But, I'll look past that if he helps our team out.

The same can be said about Cowboys fans now.  Really, anytime.  As many jokes that I can pull out there about the Cowboys franchise and their love for the problem kids out there is that....well, they look the other way and win.  It's okay then.  It isn't okay when you are the Portland Trail Blazers and you field a bunch of bad apples who suck.  That's called professional sports.  I'm a Sean Taylor fan, after all.

Still, Owens can't get that foot-in-mouth disease under control.  He first told us that he was misquoted in his autobiography.  Huh??!?!?!?  How can you be misquoted by something you wrote???  He also goes on Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel [which, apparantly, is the place that troubled WRs go to get things off their chest] to say that the media is out to get him.  The same media who propped him up after his galiant return from injury to be a beast in Super Bowl XXXIX.  The same media which he's running to in order to pimp his book.

He's still beating a dead horse by calling Donovan McNabb out.  He nearly points the finger at McNabb for being the guy who ultimately drove T.O. out of Philly. 

Fine.  Believe that.  You are a Cowboy now.  Let it go.

This is the same guy who shows up for his signing press conference stating that he's not thinking about the past and he's ready to move on.....only to record a diss recordabout the Eagles later that week.  Now he writes this book to give his side of the story.  Who really cares??  And nothing makes a new girlfriend feel better than you continuing to talk about your old one that dumped you.  Dallas is that new girlfriend.

Dallas is cool with it though, as long as Owens performs.  This is "America's Team" with an ego-filled owner [and I mean that in a good way] and a strong willed head coach.   They play in front of rabid fans an are arguably the most watched team in the NFL nationally.   They've had their fair share of knuckleheads and egos and were able to win with them. 

Here is the best way to get back at the Eagles:  shut up and make it work in Dallas.  Dallas is a bitter rival of the Eagles [and Giants and Redskins] and winning would make them angrier than anything.  While doing that, perform well when you play Philly....especially when you visit Philly.  Do that, and I'm sure you'll get what you want.  People to kiss your butt and say "ya know, they did treat you bad in Philadelphia.  That McNabb guy is a big meany!" 

I mean, that's what you want, Terrell, right?  You really, really, really want all of us to love you like we did before you were showing up Jerry Rice in his final San Francisco game or before you were calling Jeff Garcia gay or before you whined out of a trade to Baltimore or before you were imploding the Eagles.  Do you know why people like you at all??  Why anyone cares about you??  Because you perform on the field.  Do THAT and you will ultimately get what you crave.

Everyone kissing your butt.


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