Sunday, July 30, 2006

A New Record

Sorry...but I only have 7 1/2 more hours to post something to break my here it is.

Sports is cool!

There.  That breaks my record for posts in a month.  This is my 59th post in July, breaking my mark of 58 posts I did in March.  Since March is "March Madness", it is understandable why that was my top mark. 

Of course, I could break this record only because I've basically been off work all of July.  I had the first 9 days off due to vacation.  I worked the next 7 before shutting myself down with a back injury.  But with football camps opening, NBA free agency, baseball turning the stretch, the World Cup and all the scandals around the sporting has been busy. 

My top 6 months??

1-July 2006 [59]:  Again, time off is good.
2-March 2006 [58]:  I love college hoops!
3-June 2006 [51]:  NBA and NHL playoffs, plus the start of World Cup action.
4-December 2005 [50]:  With the Redskins inching toward the playoffs, my blogging was strong.
5-May 2006 [48]:  NBA and NHL playoffs. 
6-January 2006 [46]:  The NFL playoffs force me to blog my butt off.

Hard to believe that my first month here [May 2004] netted just 19 entries.


sportzassassin said...

I'm an idiot.  I had an entire day to break the record.  For some reason, I thought that yesterday was July 31


dcsportsguy said...

Congrats on the new highwater mark. The more you post, the better off we all are. And I know the hard "work" and dedication that makes into making two post a day, so kudos to you sir.


monponsett said...

grr.. I was just logging in here to bust your chops about July 31st.

Does your factory shut down every summer for a few weeks?

Congrats on the record. I don't know what my high is, but I know I've missed months before when I was moving or injured.

sportzassassin said...

Usually it shuts down for a week in early July....usually around July 4th.  It is for maintenence.  Typically, I spend that week with my family back in Charlotte, or they come up here.