Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cardinals Stadium Is Something to Behold

The new jewel of the upcoming 2006 NFL season is the new Cardinals Stadium in Glendale, AZ.   This thing is awesome.  It joins Houston's Reliant Stadium as the only NFL stadiums with retractable roofs.  It also has a "retractable field"....meaning they can just slide the field in and out of the stadium.  The retractable roof will allow for air conditioning...which is key during the first half of the season when it is so hot.  It also allows Phoenix to host Final Fours and Super Bowls.   

Here are some other future NFL stadiums looking to open.

The new Texas Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys.  It is to have 75,000 seats and a retractable roof.  Also, the end zones will be opened and linked to "fan decks" so that the stadium could acutally hold 100,000 people.  It should open in Arlington for the 2009 season.

The Indianapolis Colts will be waving good-bye to the RCA Dome after this season.  Next year, it's on to the Lucas Oil Stadium.  It should hold 63,000 fans and have a retractable roof.  It will also play host to NCAA Final Fours.

Both the Jets and Giants will share a new stadium in New Jersey.  It should hold 80,000 fans and will join with entertainment complex in the Meadowlands.  They are hoping to both be in the new building by 2009.

There are a few baseball stadiums in the works as well.

The Minnesota Twins.

The Washington Nationals.

New Yankee Stadium [above] and the new Mets Stadium [below].










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monponsett said...

Arizona's stadium- which is funny enough when viewed in the dropped-from-a-plane-into-a-patch-of-desert context alone- is funnier once you realize it looks like a huge birth control pill container.