Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chick Fight at Youth Football Game

Weird things are afoot here in the Greater Cincinnati Area.  Enjoy this from


Fight Spills Onto Youth Football Field

"A fight between several women spilled onto a youth football field Tuesday night.

Cincinnati police arrested several people after a neighborhood fight spilled onto a ball field where children were playing football and cheerleading.

Police say the incident happened at Evanston Park.

Police tell 9News that this fight may have been carried over from a disagreement yesterday in this area.

9News was told those who fought included women and men, and that baseball bats, poles and socks filled with cans were used as weapons.

"Watching my sisters cheerlead and then I saw sticks and crowbars being thrown, and bricks and socks with cans in them, and people bleeding," Kamonta Heidelberg, a 14-year-old witness told 9News, "and I didn't know what was going on."

Witnesses say as many as 50 adults and teenagers were involved in the fight.

They say it had nothing to do with the practices that were going on at the time.

"It's ridiculous. This is a community trying to get children to do things around here that's positive and we don't need that kind of stuff out of no grown folks over here," said Camilla Price, a witness. "It's sad to me, very sad."

"Just to give them self-esteem, pride in themselves and neighborhood sense of accomplishment -- then for adults, not even from the neighborhood. to come over and have a feud -- it casts a bad light on everything," said Pete Mingo, a youth baseball coach.

9News was told at least three people were hurt in the fight, one very seriously with head trauma who had to be taken to the hospital.

9News was also told that the woman was beaten to the ground and suffered further beatings at the hands of multiple attackers.

Police say the incident remains under investigation."

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