Friday, July 14, 2006

NASCAR Is Hot....and Die Cast Dude Is Hotter


I'm not going to sit here a feign that I am a NASCAR expert.  I ain't.

But, only an idiot cannot realize that NASCAR has been blowing up.  It's popular and it has become....mainstream.

Mainstream enough that everyone wants to do it.  Japanese automakers want Toyota will field a team next year [Honda could come next].  Danica Patrick has wiggled her nose at the window to see what's up.  And Juan Pablo Montoya has decided to make the jump. 

So...when there is NASCAR things burning up my sports scene...the only place to go is The Diecast Dude's (Mostly) NASCAR Blah Blah Blog.  I've been a Die Cast Dude fan for years now....and, though I'm still not a racing fan, dude makes it seem like I'm really missing out. 

The former AOL blogger is everywhere now [including in a spat with author Pamela Britton] and has interesting takes on all that which is going on in the NASCAR world.

-"NASCAR drivers would at all costs avoid bumping [Patrick's] car lest they face a public response similar to what Kyle Busch got from the crowd in Mexico City earlier this year when he wrecked Michel Jourdain Jr.  That, and the "oh you couldn't stand having a g-i-r-l running faster than you so you took her out, huh you male chauvinist pig or whatever derogatory term macho boys are being called these days?""

-"Say what you will about F1, they don't play the lame duck game as Juan Pablo Montoya has already been told to not let the door hit his butt on the way out of McLaren.  Good thing for Casey Mears he won the Busch race this past weekend, as chances are he won't be in any more for Ganassi.  Also, given that it is Ganassi we're talking about, don't be overly surprised to see Mears kicked to the curb in Cup as the season winds down with Montoya given a head start on 2007."

-To Ms Britton: "I lament NASCAR putting their promotional weight behind a vapid genre that proclaims sex is love and denigrates true passion by defining passing as nothing but selfish desire."

In the words of Slim Pickens...."you use your tongue purtier than a $20 whore"

Again, to the gear heads out there that are looking for great opinions on the world of won't do better than to check out The Dude's blog. 

          The Diecast Dude's (Mostly) NASCAR Blah Blah Blog

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