Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sportz' Three New Blogs Launching....and a Forum

I know this may seem like overkill....but I've added three more blogs to my Sportz' realm.  I like to have things structured in a I like having things chopped up into certain categories with being the melting pot that connects them all. 


First off is The Sportz Assassin on Carolina Sports.  This blog will center around sporting news from my hometown, Charlotte, and the surrounding Carolina area.  It will focus on the Panthers, Bobcats, Hurricanes, ACC sports [UNC, Duke, Wake, NC State], UNC-Charlotte and whatever comes up. 

Also, I've launched The Sportz Assassin on Cincinnati Sports Blog.  This one is for sports around where I live now....the Greater Cincinnati area.  So it will focus on the Reds, Bengals, Cincy Bearcats, Xavier, Kentucky and whatever happens to float the boat around here. 


Lastly is a blog that I mentioned a few days ago....The SPORTZ ASSASSIN:  2006 Fantasy Football.  This will focus on Fantasy Football for this season.  However, this blog could go away if a certain AOL site comes online sometime soon. 

I've also started THE SPORTZ ASSASSIN'S SPORTS FORUM.  This is just a test thing to see if anyone wants to discuss sports in a message board format.  Any of you can feel free to post there and discuss...whatever.

So, when you get a shot...check these new places out. 

Also, my other blogs are still going strong:
"PIGSKIN ASSASSIN" by The Sportz Assassin
Sportz Reds Baseball Bunch
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redwingsnut93 said...

Wow Sportz, why do you have so many?!?!?  I can only keep up with one blog and my forum.  But, you're sitll doing a great job.

See ya,

Nick "Sports Nut"