Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Simply Amazin' Cause

I got an email today from 20 Years in the Making... author Metschampsin2k2.  Here is is....

"Hey Sportz this is Justin Saslaw the author of 20 years in the making.  As of now my friend and I are on a mission to collect as much memorabilia and sell it off for charity. We have spoken to representatives from the David Wright foundation and Carlos Delgado's extra bases and they seem very interested. It'd be an honor if you could link to us from your blog as you are one of the most renowned blogs in the blogosphere. You can help this Simply Amazin Cause."

I want to pass that along to everyone out there who reads this blog....and ask if there is anyone interested in donating [or seeing if their local team could donate] to this cause....or if you are interested in buying any of the memorabilia they may have at the auction.  Sometimes an e-mail to your favorite team turns something up. 

So, click on the above links for more information.  Thanks!

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