Friday, August 25, 2006

Vince Carter to Charlotte???


This just appeared from RealGM:

According to a close friend of Vince Carter, his wife, Ellen, began divorce proceedings recently, which may become a significant factor in whether or not he remains with the Nets.

If Ellen were to gain custody of their 1-year-old daughter and elects to move back to Orlando or her own hometown in South Carolina, Carter could be motivated to sign with the Magic or Charlotte Bobcats just to stay close, as both teams have can sign him due to their significant cap space.

The last time Carter addressed his contract situation, he stated, "I just let it be as it may, and when the time comes, I'll deal with it."


powergoalie14 said...

Some how, I can't see Vince with the Bobcats......


yanniisk said...

I don't think Vince would sign with the bobcats, even if they offered him more. And I can't see them doing so, with the youth movement there along with Adam Morrison and Gerald Wallace. Orlando however, is a very realistic situation. He'd have the best young big man in the league in Dwight, a good shotblocker in Darko, a point guard in Jameer, and a nice sized salary. Just makes too much sense, with VC in Orlando, they'd contend.

shaksa4 said...


monponsett said...

Q) Why does divorce cost so much?

A) Because it's worth it!