Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Maurice Clarett: Tasered, Maced and Arrested


Why haven't the Bengals signed this guy??

Maurice Clarett was charged with carrying a concealed weapon [four of them, actually] after he led police on a highway chase this morning [or late last night, depending on your view] that ended with police using mace on on him and finding the loaded guns in his SUV.  The cops used mace to bring down Clarett after a taser didn't work becaus....get this....he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Get outta here.

Of course, if I had four loaded guns in my car and wearing a bulletproof vest....yeah, I'd make a big U-turn on the interstate.  That's what Clarett did that got him nabbed in the first place.  The cops tried pulling him over....which he then sped off down I-70.  Down the road, cops set up a spike strip which blew out his tires....which he then pulled into a parking lot.   The police then removed him from the SUV after failing to exit it by himself, despite police orders.  And that's when they found a loaded rifle and three loaded handguns. 

Not in his trunk.  In the front of the car. 

Oh, and there was a half bottle of vodka in the car, too.

Not too shabby for a guy that's already heading to trial for aggravated robbery, robbery and gun charges. 

I wonder if the Eastern Indoor Football League's Mahoning Valley Hitmen will suspend him or not.  In fact he was on his cell phone with the Hitmen's coach when all this started.  No kidding.  He was wondering about upcoming tryouts when the phone cut off and no other contact was made.  That was about when the U-turn happened. 

And the picture above is him getting his phone call in a Columbus jail...while reporters snapped up pictures of him. 

What a disgrace of an athlete. 

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