Sunday, August 13, 2006

Redskins First Look 2006


CLINTON PORTIS:  Everyone watches preseason games and pray that no one gets hurt.  It happens every year.  Whether it is Michael Vick or Chad Pennington....teams fortunes can change with a devestating injury in a meaningless game.  And very early in the game...Clinton Portis had it happen.  Now, it remains to be seen how serious his injury is [they said it's a seperated shoulder]....but it could hinder him early on and be a lingering thing as the season goes along.  And it was made on a tackle when Cincy intercepted the ball. 

CHRIS CLEMONS:  The starting outside linebacker left the game with a sprained ligament in his left knee.

KERRY CARTER:   Carter, a 4th string running back, took a nasty spill as his leg seemed to get caught in the turf and his knee buckled. 

MARK BRUNELL:  It looks like Brunell likes the new offense.  He went 4-for-9 [well that isn't great] for 66 yards and was able to air the ball out a bit. 

TODD COLLINS:  He had such a bad start.  A horrible interception while trying to avoid a sack; a safety when he grounded the ball trying to avoid a sack in the endzone; threw some poor passes; and tripped over his lineman while trying to hand the ball off.  Sure, this is why they play the preseason games.  But, Collins looked smoother as the game moved along and could be a decent backup.

THE DEFENSE:  The first team defense looked very good.  They got a lot of pressure up front and were able to get into the backfield with various blitzes.  They did well in stuffing the run as well.  Sure, the Bengals most likely used a vanilla offense early on....but at least the defense seemed ready to roll when the season starts. 

MIKE ESPY:  If he sticks with the team, he will get a lot of face time on ESPN with his "ESPY" name.  He's also pretty good.  Especially on a 14-yd reception over the middle, in traffic, in which he was nailed pretty good.  He finished with 4 catches for 56 yards. 

JASON CAMPBELL:  Look at his stats.  He went 9-of-15 for 99 yards.  Not bad.  But that was all mainly against the Bengals third string guys and can't be a good indication of his talent.  What is impressive was his command of the pocket, his delivery, and his passes.  They came off quick and very strong.  Maybe next week he can take some snaps with the first or second team. 

BENGALS 19-REDSKINS 3:  Well, as a score....the game sucked.  The offense scored just a FG...but it wasn't a total dud.  The Redskins could move the ball a bit....but couldn't sustain major drives.  When watching the game, you could see the game plan switched once Portis went down [and especially after Clemons went out] - Washington didn't want any more physical damage than already suffered.  In doing so...the Skins were outmanned a bit and struggled. 

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