Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Get Yer "NCAA Football 07" Game Rosters Here!!!!


I love the NCAA football games.  I may love them more than the Madden games [I know, that's sacrilige]. 

But the one drawback is that there are no names for the players.  NCAA rules stipulates that players names not be included in the game.  Their likenesses, stats and numbers may be the same....but their names aren't.  That's why it was "RB #5" running around in the USC backfield in last year's game. 

Sure, you can buy a College Football magazine and spend a weekend plugging those names in.  It really sucks.  I've done it.  Or you could do the ol' let-the-game-name-'em route...but even that takes some bite out if it.  So, instead of "RB #5" being Reggie Bush...it is now "Howard Smith" or something.  Still kinda sucks.  And who gives a crap naming all those offensive lineman, too.

A solution is here!

You can now buy memory cards with the names already typed on it.  You can now order this:

NCAA Football '07 Rosters for PlayStation 2 (PS2) features the complete roster of player names for all 119 Division I-A NCAA teams, all 84 Division I-AA NCAA teams, and all 112 Historic NCAA teams; plus four BONUS draft class files for use with your Madden NFL '07 franchise! All sent to you on a new Sony brand PS2 8MB memory card! 


You can get it by going to eBay: NCAA Football 07  and bidding on it.  Or go here:  http://www.fkrosters.com/.  Or here:  Rosters for PS2 - NCAA Football 07 with 8mb memory card Playstation 2


thesportsguru14 said...

That is always the first thing I do when NCAA comes out....Hit EBAY and get the rosters...What fun it was running all over everyone with Maurice Clarett back in the day!

The Guru

Heartland College Sports said...

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