Saturday, August 19, 2006

It Was Only A Matter Of Time...


I usually love to sing the praises of all former Tar Heels.....but I must smack 'em when they disappoint, too.

Marion're up!

According to, Marion Jones had a positive urine sample taken from her at an event in Indianapolis back in June.  If her B-sample comes back positive as well, Jones faces a 2-year ban.

She's been one of the dominant and most personable women in track and field over the past decade.  She won five medals in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  At North Carolina, she excelled in track and was the point guard on the Heels' 1994 National Championship women's basketball team. 

But rumors of doping have followed her over the past several years.  Victor Conte, the BALCO dude, has called her out...saying he had her on a steroid schedule.  Jones' ex-husband....a former runner....CJ Hunter, said Jones has used steroids.  Tim Montgomery....Jones' "baby daddy", has retired after a 2-year ban for suspected doping.  Her former Olympic coach, Trevor Graham, has had several of his clients test positive in recent years...including Justin Gatlin, who was just caught doping and faces a lifetime ban.  Graham is currently under investigation. 

All this smoke around just knew there would be a fire. 

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