Monday, August 28, 2006

Ktmdog's Competitor Challenge


Some athletes just have that killer desire to succeed.  To have to win.  The need to win.  People that really feel that second place is just the first loser.  People who may be more disliked by their teammates....since these guys are so demanding of them. 

But who is the biggest competitor of them all??  Who is the one that lives for the moments that scare the crap out of everyone else? 

My buddy Ktmdog is trying to figure that out.

Below is the tournament bracket as determined by Ktmdog from a list of competitors voted on by him, me, RichCBT, LBerg, Johnnysee, LakrMike, YCSJ, Endora, Bax Deal, Fine Asset, WolfOnTheAir, JRowe and fellow AOL bloggers Yannis and RaisinBrn.  This is the first round......

Pacific Division
1. Jerry West [NBA] vs. Michael Jordan [NBA]
2. Larry Bird [NBA] vs. Jim Brown [NFL]
3. Jerry Rice [NFL] vs. Emmitt Smith [NFL]
4. Dick Butkis [NFL] vs. Ronnie Lott [NFL]

Midwest Division
1. Muhammad Ali [boxing] vs. Gordie Howe [NHL]
2. Tiger Woods [golf] vs. Wayne Gretzky [NHL]
3. Joe Louis [boxing] vs. Sugar Ray Robinson [boxing]
4. Martina Navratilova [tennis] vs. Ty Cobb [baseball]

East Division
1. Carl Lewis [track] vs. Bruce Lee [martial arts]
2. Ricky Marciano [boxing] vs. Bill Russell [NBA]
3. Bob Gibson [baseball] vs. Pete Rose [baseball]
4. Kobe Bryant [NBA] vs. Lawrence Taylor [NFL]

South Division
1. Jake Lamotta [boxing] vs. Annika Sorenstam [tennis]
2. Joe Montana [NFL] vs. Emil Zatopek [track]
3. Babe Didrickson [golf] vs. Fanny Blankers-Koen [track]
4. Jackie Robinson [baseball] vs. Magic Johnson [NBA]

There were some very worthy people mentioned for this tournament....but with trying to include a variety of sports in a variety of eras.....this is what you get.  Feel free to comment on who think should win these matchups.  When the winners are determined, I'll get the 2nd round out to you. 

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