Friday, August 18, 2006

Taking the Edge Off

EDGE-Y PICK:  Apparantly my selection of Arizona's Edgerrin James with the 6th pick wasn't met well in the AOL community.  I don't know why.  It is me....and you know I did a ton of fantasy football research during the time off I had with my back injury.  I actually had James rated 5th overall [behind Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander, LaDanlian Tomlinson and Clinton Portis].  Sure, the gripe that his offensive line is bad is a concern.  Just as how horrid the Oakland Raiders team was that scared me away from LaMont Jordan.  Or just as the fact that Tiki Barber is in his 30s and at any minute will fall to pieces.  Or just as the fact that Steven Jackson has had injury woes his entire short career thus far and STILL plays for a coach that is pass happy.  Or the fact that Cadillac Williams has injury issues as well and plays some tough defenses on his schedule.  Or the fact that Domanick Davis can't stay healthy.  Etc.

The only player I considered to place ahead of James was Ronnie Brown.  No more Hippie Lettuce Ricky to split carries with him.  A much better passing attack to lay off of the running game.  And I like what I saw from Brown last season.  But James has done it before...albeit with a different team.

James is a great runner, with not as much wear and tear as you'd think [he's missed just 1 game over the past two seasons....and that was last year's season finale that the team chose to just rest James].  Edge probably won't get the rushing yards he did in Indy....but he may exceed his TDs.  As a Colt, James routinely was taken off the field in the red zone for Domanic Rhodes....and the Colts also enjoy passing on slants and posts in the red zone to score [yet he still had 14 TDs].  Teams HAVE to be mindful of Anquan Boldin and Larry safeties can't prey on James.  He's also a very decent receiver....good for about 20-30 yards a game.  Oh, and Denny Green is his coach...and knows how to ride a running back [see: Terry Allen and Robert Smith].

And apparantly I am not the only idiot: - Fantasy Central has James rated 5th amongst running backs. 

JUNIOR RETIREMENT:  Just a few days after announcing his retirement....and seeing the football world discuss him in a Hall of Fame light....Junior Seau may end his retirement pretty soon.  Word is that he's signing with the New England Patriots.  Huh?  The Chargers threw this big shindig for him to announce his retirement....just to change his mind just as quickly????  Huh???  Methinks that the Seau Retirement announcement send out a signal to the rest of the league......"Junior Seau is still playing?!"

TIGER AND PHIL GO 69:  Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson were paired together for the first two rounds of the PGA Championship.  Both shot a 69.  Not bad.  I honestly felt that Tiger would step up his game a ton and Phil may get a bit nervous.  Not so.  Both played pretty well and if they keep this up....they may keep in the same pairing the rest of the weekend. 

KOREN ROBINSON:  The current Viking....and former NC State wide receiver...was arrested for drunk driving, speeding and resisting arrest.  Dude was going 104 mph and evading he can get back to Vikings camp before curfew.  He ran stop signs, a stop light, and was twice clocked for speeding during the chase.  He was arrested at gunpoint...though K-Rob didn't resist.  G-bye ol' Koren!


GRIFFEY'S STRENGTH:  While the Reds are fighting the Cardinals in the NL Central and pretty much everyone else in the wildcard chase....Ken Griffey Jr is dealing with pressure off the field.  During the past few weeks, Junior has played well....marching up the HR ladder and playing a key role in the team's wildcard lead.  At home, it's different.  His mother is having colon cancer surgery....and his dad was just diagnosed with prostate cancer.  The Reds have offered Griffey some time off if he needs it....which he has respectfully declined.  His mom wants him to keep playing [his parents live in Orlando].  Griffey has said: "I go out there and try to do the best job I can.  I've got a responsibility to the guys in this locker room. We deal with it the best we can."  You parents are in our prayer, Junior. 

STEPHON'S CHEAP SNEAKS:  Stephon Marbury....the much maligned guard for the New York Knicks...will endorse a sneaker called the "Starbury One" for the Steve & Barry's University Sportswear store.  The shoes will cost just $14.98.  For those who don't know, Steve & Barry's makes sporting clothes that tend to cost around 6-8 dollars.  They have a bunch of college t-shirts and sweaters, jackets and t-shirts with clever [or not so clever] sayings on them.  Marbury won't be paid for endorsing the shoes....but will be paid according to how well they sell.  Ya gotta give it up to an NBA player who will "give" his name to a product for next to nothing....and a product that doesn't outprice many of his fans.  [Welcome to SteveandBarry's]


zbar88 said...

HEy Sportz, I don't see your pick of James being a bad one. You had some great points with the other players but everyone in the NFL has had soem trouble with injury whether it be costly or not. You won't know whether it was a good pick until the season starts but James should do good down in Arizona as they finalyl sold out the entire season and have that sweet new stadium. There will finally be a home field advantage in Arizona and the best wide reciever core in the entire NFL doesn't hurt either.

cmottram04 said...

Wanna make a side bet on who will have the better fantasy season in our league? Steven Jackson (my first round pick, No. 9) vs. Edge (your first round pick, No. 6).