Sunday, August 27, 2006



Ya know, after last week's home loss to the Jets, Joe Gibbs was animated in the postgame news conference.  He said things need to get better in a hurry.


Washington strolled into New England for Preaseason Game #3....and promptly were smacked up 41-0. 

Yards??  Patriots 464.  Redskins 154.

Passing yards??  Patriots 294.  Redskins 80. 

First downs???  Patriots 30.  Redskins 8.

Penalties??  Patriots 3.  Redskins 12.

And we got our lone scoring chance....a 43 yard FG attempt.....blocked. 

But, hey....we didn't turn the ball over this time!!  Things are looking up.  Sorry....just thinking about this game is making me sick.


powergoalie14 said...

Patriots rock! Go Tom Brady! when I look at the yardage, and compair the differences, I feel so happy! 41-0!


zbar88 said...

Ouch Sportz! 'Skins not looking to hot aye. Hopefully they boucne back but not enough to try and contend with my Eagles!

beatdownbonanza said...

dear ass.
    sorry about your loss.i know it must be hard to talk so confidently
about your beloved skins,and then whitness that cr@p.

                          WHO - DEY


monponsett said...

That was cool when you almost got that field goal.