Monday, August 7, 2006

Just A Few Notes


GARY MEJEWSKI:  Hey Jamie can have that half-wit pitcher of yours back!!!!!  Here are his glorious stats as a Red.  1-2 with a 12.54 ERA.  The Reds led the Braves 4-2 in the 8th inning...only to watch Mejewski allow 4 runs and a huge loss heading into a big 4-game set against the Cardinals. 

HALL OF FAME:  I wrote this huge thing on the Hall of Fame ceremony this weekend and I was booted off AOL and I'm not retyping all of that.  So, here is my abbreviated take.

Congrats to Troy Aikman and the late Reggie White....two guys I completely hated when they played.  Usually you only hate guys that are really good.  Congrats to Warren Moon and his deserved entrance into the Hall.  His 70,000 total yards as a pro is unreal!  Congrats to John Madden....who to many people 30 and under is more known for pimping the most popular video game since Pac Man. 

TIGER WOODS GETS TO 50 WINS:  Just amazing.  Amazing how he does this.  Amazing that he loses his father....his teacher and mentor....takes some time off, tanks in the US Open....then goes ballistic in the British Open and Buick Open....both wins.  Dude is clutch as ever.  And just when people were whispering that maybe Phil Mickelson was starting to become a thorn in Tiger's side and such....Tiger puts the golf world back in it's place. 

Miles behind him. 

STEROID EXCUSES:  This is getting old.  Either it is Barry Bonds and some flaxseed oil.  Or Justin Gaitlin and some vindictive masseuse.  Or Raffy Palmeiro and a bunch of B-12.  Or Roid Landis and a shot of whiskey.  It has all gotten tired.  Imagine just once that someone gets caught and says "I screwed up....I am sorry."   Of course, we spent 15 years trying to get Pete Rose to say that....and when he did, we threw him under the bus. 

Landis should be that guy.  No one is buying any of the garbage he's throwing out there.  Dude was dead in the water one minute....and the next minute he's in 3rd place.  And it is a big kwinky-dink that his pee sample from that morning comes up tainted. 

Of course, Landis' newest excuse is that the cycling people running this show are leaking his results to the media.  So?  You cheated....and cheaters need to be put in the middle of the town and displayed for all of us to throw tomatos at him.  He was representing the Tour de France and embarrassed us by cheating.  Now he's angering us by still trying to cover it up.

It is a classic case of Austin Powers' "honestly, it's not mine" defense.

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monponsett said...

Like Mel Gibson, I blame the Mejewskis.