Friday, August 4, 2006



I hate the "coaches poll".

I hate it.  I hate it.  I hate it.  I hate it.  I hate it. 

The argument I hear for it is "who knows football better than the coaches??"  Good point.  Of course, I respond with "what college football coach can watch 119 Division I-A programs play and be able to rate them accordingly???"

I think I win.

Take the top ranked Ohio State Buckeyes, for example.  If you are Jim Tressel....are you really able to figure out if TCU is better than UCLA???  Especially if they aren't on your schedule??  How can Tressel know if Boise State or Utah will be tough?  All Tressel is concerned about is his team....his conference...and those on his schedule.  Only thing he can go on is what last week's rankings were....and look at the scoreboard and slot any movements.

And with BCS and bowl money out there....why would Tressell vote his Big Ten brethren higher so that they might sniff a bigger payday??  Especially since the CONFERENCE makes the BCS money....not the individual school. 

Which brings me to this....

The first coaches poll came out....and Duke got a vote.  Duke.  Duke??  Duke!

The Sporting News College Football Magazine has Duke rated 101's in the nation.  101!!!  They are the lowest rated football team from a BCS conference.

Yet they can get a vote for the Top 25.  Crap!  If there was a Top 10 vote in the ACC....Duke wouldn't get a vote.  This is a bunch of garbage.

Again, I know it is meaningless....but it is the point of the whole thing and shows that someone out there [who ranked Duke #25 in their poll] doesn't take it seriously.  They are mocking the system....the system that passes out millions of dollars in BCS money

Here is the proof...

OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES:  Arizona State 182, Boston College 87, Utah 84, Arkansas 64, South Carolina 55, Boise State 46, Wisconsin 37, UCLA 29, Georgia Tech 28, Fresno State 14, Tulsa 11, Iowa State 9, Minnesota9, Maryland 8, Purdue 7, TEXAS AM 6, Memphis 5, Nevada 3, UTEP 3, Rutgers 2, NORTHN ILLINOIS 2, Northwestern 2, Oregon State 2, Arizona 2, Brigham Young 2, Colorado 1, Duke 1.

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