Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sportz' 2006-2007 Bowl Game Predictions

Here are my predicitions for the 2006-2007 Bowl Season.  And I guarantee this predicition will come true:

This won't remotely be right.

Who cares?  It's just fun to see what we can make outta this Play-Dough.

POINSETTA BOWL:  BYU v Houston.  BYU heads back to the site of many great Holiday Bowl memories.  Just, not in the Holiday Bowl.  Houston may make an entrance as an at-large team.  If so, this could be one great shootout!

LAS VEGAS BOWL:  Arizona State v Utah.  If the Devils don't get to El Paso, they'll gladly head up the street to Vegas.  I think that TCU heads to a BCS game...and that Utah slides up to take this spot. 

NEW ORLEANS BOWL:  La-Lafayette v Memphis.  This may be an example of too many bowl games. 

NEW MEXICO BOWL:  New Mexico v Nevada.  Duh.  New Mexico will be playing in this game.  And meeting up with Nevada won't be a bad thing for fan interest. 

BIRMINGHAM BOWL:  Rutgers v Southern Miss. The Knights are trying to make this a habit.  I guess that Southern Miss is too. 

FT WORTH BOWL:  Colorado State v Tulsa.  The Rams won't be here if TCU doesn't get that BCS bid.  Neither should Tulsa. 

HAWAII BOWL:  Arizona v Fresno State.  I think this is the year that Mike Stoops gets his Arizona team into a bowl.  There, they will play always battle tested Fresno. 

MOTOR CITY:  Michigan State v Akron.  If the Spartans can get bowl eligible, you know that the Motor City people would love to see them in Detroit.  I don't know why....but I like Akron to win the MAC

EMERALD BOWL:  Maryland v UCLA. A pretty good 1970s basketball game.  The Terps head across the country for this one...while the Bruins just head up the coast. 

INDEPENDENCE BOWL:  Missouri v Mississippi.  Miss??  Or Mizz???

HOLIDAY BOWL:  California v Nebraska.  The Pac-10 hasn't figured out a way to get it's #2 team onto the New Year's stage.  Nebraska could get into the BCS with an upset in the Big XII title game.  Too bad they won't. 

TEXAS BOWL:  Pittsburgh v Kansas. The Panthers and Jayhawks will usher in the former Houston Bowl. 

MPC COMPUTERS BOWL:  NC State v Boise State. If NC State does indeed qualify, they could get snatched up by the Meineke Bowl.  If not, they'll play Boise on their blue turf. 

CHAMPS SPORTS BOWL:  Virginia Tech v Purdue.  V-Tech gets squeezed down to this game....while this would be a nice reserrection from Purdue. 

MUSIC CITY BOWL:  Georgia Tech v South Carolina. Boston College should get the nod here...but the Music City Bowl will want a more local team.  Steve Spurrier sets foot in a state that hates him.  Always fun. 

SUN BOWL:  Oregon v Texas A&M.  The Quack Attack invades El Paso.  Though if Arizona State is available, they could get slotted here.  The Sun Bowl will get either Texas A&M or Texas Tech....whichever one the Alamo passes up. 

INSIGHT:  Northwestern v Iowa State. The Wildcats offense will light up the desert sky!  Iowa State will try to keep up.  Iowa State travels really well and could gain an advantage. 

ALAMO BOWL:  Wisconsin v Texas Tech. Hey, this has become one of the better pre-New Years Day bowls.  Either Texas Tech or Texas A&M will get the nod here.  Tech brings more excitement plus an interesting contrast in styles. 

LIBERTY BOWL:  UTEP v Arkansas. I just think the Miners are the Conference USA's top prize.  Arkansas brings some local flair. 

MEINEKE CAR CARE:  Boston College v Navy.  If a North Carolina school is bowl eligible [NC State has the best shot] then they may get this bid.  I don't think one will [despite my NCSU pick earlier]...so BC heads to Charlotte for the 2nd time in three years.  They will play Navy, who has entered a partnership to this game. 

CHICK-FIL-A BOWL:   Clemson v Alabama.  The Chick-fil-A bowl gets first dibs on the non-BCS ACC teams....and Clemson would draw well.  Plus, that lackluster showing from Miami last year left a bad taste in their mouths.  They'd love it if Georgia could fall here...but Bama will just have to do. 

GATOR BOWL:  Miami v West Virginia.  The Canes miss out on a BCS berth with the TCU surprise.  West Virginia will miss out with a loss to Louisville [and I think another upset in there].  Still, this game should be pretty good.  Former Big East foes going at it!

COTTON BOWL:  Oklahoma v Georgia.  The Sooners first trip will be a loss to Texas.  What about this second trip??  And what about a great game with the Georgia Bulldogs!! 

OUTBACK BOWL:  Michigan v Tennessee. Always a neat game when these two programs can meet up. 

CAPITAL ONE BOWL:  Penn State v Florida.  Some nice athletic talent all over this field if this matchup happens. 

INTERNATIONAL BOWL:  South Florida v Toledo.  Those Canadians won't realize this matchup sucks. 

GMAC BOWL:  Northern Illinois v Central Florida.  This will be the bowl game that will set the plate for the BCS national championship game????

FIESTA BOWL:  Texas v LSU.  Both Texas and LSU will lose a game to teams that could be in the BCS title game.  So this will be a really nice game. 

ROSE BOWL:  Iowa v TCU.  The Big Ten v Pac 10 matchup will be in the BCS title game....so the Rose Bowl settles for this.  TCU may run the table in the Mountain West and become just the second non-BCS team to make it in. 

ORANGE BOWL:  Florida State v Louisville.  Louisville could have a crack at the title game if things work in their favor.  I think they'll lost once and end up facing the Seminoles...who will win a non-elite ACC this year. 

SUGAR BOWL:  Auburn v Notre Dame.  I think that Auburn will slip once in the insanely tough SEC.  Notre Dame will get clipped by USC to end the season....and end up playing in the 2nd best bowl game. 

BCS CHAMPIONSHIP:  Ohio State v USC.  I think that Ohio State upsets Texas in Austin and then runs the table the rest of the way.  No conference title game is a bonus.  Same goes for USC....which has a tough schedule that lays out decent enough for the Trojans to keep winning. 

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powergoalie14 said...

I agree with more that half of those, but Michigan vs Tennessee would be a good game. GO BLUE!

Short Fry