Friday, August 11, 2006

ABC Sports to Become ESPN


Big news in media.  ESPN will take over...pretty much replacing....ABC Sports.  Wow!

Of course, anyone who's watched ABC over the past decade won't really see a difference.  Both ABC and ESPN are owned by Disney....and the networks' sports coverage has pretty much been identical.  The ESPN guys do work for ABC already.  ESPN's "Game Plan" package, which is available for pay-per-view, carried those out-of-market ABC games.  ABC and ESPN's NBA coverage has pretty much been has their golf coverage.  Heck, Monday Night football was moved from ABC to ESPN starting next month. it really anything new?  Aside from things you may see, like the ESPN logo on ABC....along with analysts working for both networks now....I really see no direct change.  The change will be indirect.  ESPN can use it's marketing edge in a bigger way with a broadcast network to display itself.  With NBC Sports making a minor comeback and Fox Sports doing very well.....this gives ESPN something more than just "we do ABC's work for them" excuses. 

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