Tuesday, June 7, 2005

JohnnySee On Shaq


Many in the Message Board community certain know who Johnny See is.  Here is an e-mail Johnny sent to J.A. Adande, writer for the LA TIMES.  Following is more takes from fans who aren't sad to see Shaq out of the playoffs.....................

".... if he had that attitude in LA, he'd still be here, but as you well know, Mr. "I got hurt on company time, I'll heal on company time" was a fat slob who refused to show up in any kind of condition the last few years of his tenure as a Laker while demanding an extension that would have locked the Lakers up, salary-cap-wise, and prevented them from upgrading the team in any significant way till he retired.  And if you weren't the Kobe-hating racist hack you are, you'd have figured that out, Adande.  Here's a suggestion - move to Miami where you can get paid to kiss Shaq's expanding ass and make excuses for him all you want, or at least till such time as he demands a trade out of there after Wade gets the extension he covets for himself.  You've hitched your wagon to a loser whose career, for all intents and purposes, was over two years ago.  You're just too stupid to know it.  Thank god Buss wasn't."


 Shaq's post game comments deserve repeating. "Nobody thought we could do it". First off big fella, this was probably one of the rare times when the defending champs were the underdogs, there were tons of people who though you could do it. Not to mention a guy who got traded to Miami this season and in his welcoming parade said that the heat will win the championship this year, oh wait - it was you. "You must learn to fail before you learn to succeed". Hate to break this to you big man, but you've failed nine times already. I don't know, but anyone gets taught something nine times should have a pretty good grasp of it by now. The most dominant ever? Maybe so, but you aren't the most dominant winner. Up 3 games to 2 the Heat were in a great position to go to the Finals, 1 dominant performance from Shaqand the Heat are there. They couldn't even get that. In not one game did Shaq have over 12 boards or over 30 points. In not one game! They said this was his best game of the series and it wasn't even a double double! I'm sorry, but when your the only Hall of Fame big man on the court you can't go out there and dominate, that embarrassing.


I am just giddy over the Pistons beating Shaq and Co....LOL.  From what I saw, can't comment on the first half since I was at work, the officiating seemed decent.. ok, there were a couple times I went pfft.. but over all I am fine with it.  I do have to give credit to the Heat for staying in the game, they had me biting my nails there a few times, but the Pistons also didn't lose control.  My man Wallace .. oh, words can't express how happy I was to see him make those free throws...lol.  Damn fine job taking it home in front of the Heats fans.  ;)   -FINE ASSET


bshieldshhof said...

What happend Shaq?  Why is your most talented squad sitting home preparing to watch the Spurs win another championship?  Perhaps Buss was right, and why should Kobe have to carry you through another Spurs series?  

largeversion3pt0 said...

Why all the Shaq hating?  He finished second in the MVP voting and was a crucial Wade injury away from the finals and possibly the title.  Being that I need a calculator to figure out how far back the lakers were, I'd say it's pretty obvious who got the better of that trade, and I think the 3 finals MVP trophies make it clear who the Michael Jackson of the (Phil) Jackson Five was, and which sidekick played the role of Jermaine (you know, kinda talented, but lost without Michael leading the 5).

bdb0131 said...

        In spite of all the Shaq hating here,it should be pointed out that between Shaq and Kobe the only one who has ever won an MVP award of any significance is Shaq(Kobe has an all-star MVP).
         It should be further pointed out that the Heat lost three starters off their 2003-04 team that barely made the playoffs at 42-40. With Shaquille being the main significant addition to that team they finished 59-23,best in the east. If you look at the roster,that isn't a team you would have expected to fare that well. Every starter in Shaq's new team had an improvement in fg%. Shaq's presence makes the game easier for teammates. Shaq's personal stats mean little in comparison to how much he helps others.
          As for his former "co-star" in LA, he had his lowest fg% ever since becoming a starter at an age when he should be reaching his prime. "His team" finished 11 games out of the playoffs and won 22 games less than the previous season.His assist to turnover ratio was less than 1.5.  Their coaching situation was in chaos(go figure).
           The obvious fact is that the old, big,fat guy is far more of an impact player than the formerly glamorous superstar who ironically,is now being unfavorably compared by many to Wade who now plays on the Heat with Shaq. Bdb