Friday, June 24, 2005

NCAA Comes Down On Baylor


The mess at Baylor may be coming to an end. But not a pleasant one. The NCAA smacked the Baylor basketball team HARD. They are banned from playing non-conference games for one season and have been placed on 5 years probation. There was some consideration to shutting down the program for a year as well. The fact that the university made a big effort to right the wrongs kept the "death penalty" from occurring.

This comes just a week after Carlton Dotson was sentenced to 35 years in prison for murdering teammate Patrick Dennehy. That murder, and the ensuing investigation, opened up a huge can of worms of wrongdoing in the hoops program.

So, the 2005-2006 Baylor season will consist of just 17 games. They will play their normal 16-game Big XII schedule...then play at least one conference tournament game. While they are not banned from the NCAA tournament...anything short of an undefeated season or winning the Big XII tournament will mean they will sit this March out.


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