Monday, June 13, 2005



*Note to NBA....can the pregame festivities.  It may be cool for the Super Bowl to pull that crap off....but not you.  The Super Bowl can pull off crap like....I dunno...a 7-hour pregame show that has it's own pregame show.  The NBA Finals are great...but they aren't at that calibar.  I mean, just imagine if right after the national anthem, 50 Cent tramples all over the mound to get the crowd hyped at the World Series???  And, Robert Horry...stick to hoops.  That performance of "Switch" sucked. 

*Speaking of the Spurs...I guess the American public just don't find them interesting.  Ratings were down a whopping 27% from last year's Game 1.  It has to be the Spurs, right??  Last year, the Pistons' opponent was the Lakers.  And many thought that LA was going to waltz thru that series.  This year, this is a matchup between the last two NBA Champions.  Yet no one cares.  By the way...the Spurs-Nets series of 2003 was the worst rated Finals in the last 25 years. 

*Speaking of the Finals....the Spurs have now allowed fewer that 90 points in all 13 of their NBA Finals games.  Their 21-pt victory over the Pistons in Game 2 was their largest margin of victory in the Finals. 

*The Detroit Pistons had never lost a Game 1 of the NBA Finals until Thursday.  They beat the Lakers in Game 1 back in 1988, 1989 and 2004...and won Game 1 against Portland in 1990.    The Spurs have won all three of their Game 1s.


*If what David Stern said is true.....the NBA has done quite a bit to compromise with the players union.  With 2 1/2 weeks remaining in the current CBA, the NBA has dropped the minimum ageto 19, lengthened their offer on contracts to 6/5 [6 years for current teams;  5 for new teams] and gave the players 57% of revenue even though security costs, fuel costs and insurance costs has skyrocketed since their last negotiations in 1999.   Russ Granik, Stern's right hand man, gave a good case about the raises...stating that inflation has gone down so the raises may have to as well [on a personal note...many people's raises have fallen.  Including mine]. 

*The NBA is looking into offering up the All Star Game to Las Vegas....which would mark the first time the mid-season game was held in a non-NBA city.  Well, now Puerto Rico wants it.  They will play host to a Miami-Memphis preseason game this fall in their new 18,000 seat arena in San Juan.  They wouldn't mind the NBA coming back for the All Star Classic.....or maybe even as an NBA franchise. 

*A much balley-hooed rumor that sends Paul Pierce from Boston to Portland for the #3 pick is just talk.   People close to Pierce warn that he would refuse to report to the Blazers and would accept any fines levied. 

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