Monday, June 20, 2005



*Robert Horry has 5 rings.  That is just one less than Jordan....2 more than Shaq.  And he did a ton to nab a 6th one in the Spurs Game 5 victory over Detroit in the NBA Finals.  Check my reaction to the game [and the entire series] at SPORTZ' HOOPS LAND

*Anyone see Retief Goosen's destruction?  Dude was leading the US Open by 3 shots heading into the final round.  Yet, his -3 heading into the day turned into a +8 after he shot an 81!!  Yep, +11 on the final round.  It was his worst round since shooting +12 back in 1999 at, yep, Pinehurst.  It was so bad that he was even playing for $5 [with Jason Gore, who also stunk] on the last few holes. 


*Is it the IRL or Formula 1 or whatever??  Anyway, they were Indianapolis and...well, you get the drift here: - F1 - Tire flap reduces United States GP field to six.  It was about tire safety...and 14 of the 20 entrants bailed after the warm up lap.  All I know is that this is the equivalent of a team walking off the field because of their cleats.  This couldn't have come at a worse place for it is the ONLY American race and they really want to get in here.  Great.  Look, if freakin' soccer doesn't catch on here...why would F1? 

*The Southeastern Conference wants to push back the college hoops regular season and the NCAA tournament.  Why?  They want the hoops season to be a one-semester sport like football.  First off...when has the SEC ever championed the "student" part of the student-athlete.  Isn't 10 of their 12programs under some sort of NCAA sanctions?  Not to mention that this really does nothing for anybody, really.  The students do get their first semester taken care of before dealing with their "university jobs"...but most schools schedule sparingly during the finals period.  It certainly doesn't benefit TV or viewers or the sport.  Pushing the season back a month would push the tournament into Arpil and May...which isn't advantageous for them financially [which is why theyare playing].  The current system has the NCAA Tournament fall in March, which gives them an open space where the Super Bowl just ended [aka, no football], baseball doesn't start until the day of the NCAA Title game and the NBA and NHL are in their "dog days".  Moving it back a month would put them in direct competiton with the NBA playoffs, Stanley Cup playoffs and a baseball season that has already gotten off the ground.  Not to mention that there are events like the Masters and the Kentucky Derby [which would fall on their Final Four weekend] going on that month.  Bad idea, guys!

                           Marvin Williams

*Marvin Williams held his first workout...for the Milwaukee Bucks, owners of the #1  It didn't go great...but rust and nerves were certainly a factor.  I'm sure they will also check into how well he performs in Atlanta later in the week.  The mere fact that he's actually "trying out" shows that the Bucks aren't completely sold on Bogut. 

*Greg Biffle won the Batman Begins 400.  Now, we can set our sights on the Dawn Of The Dead 500.  Or is it the Sharkboy and Lava Girl 400??

*Florida A&M is apparantly coming forward with 200 VIOLATIONS found in a three year investigation!!!  Geez!  In a school where the band is more vaunted then their teams, the school announced they are going to cut at least one scholarship from every sport...and more in other sports.  They stripped themselves of 11 conference championships in various sports...and may refund money gained from NCAA Tournament appearances.  They are cutting their budget as well.  So, what happened?  Well, ineligible athletes allowed to compete, improper conduct of coaches concerning a change of grade, recruiting violations and violations of practice time rules. 

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