Saturday, June 11, 2005



*To all those people that cry that interleague play has gone stale...this weekend if proof against it.  Even though interleague play has gone on for several years now....the Boston Red Sox are setting foot in Wrigley Field for the first time ever [the 1918 World Series games were played in larger Comisky].  The Yankees are playing in St. Louis for the first time in 40 years.  The Orioles are in Cincinnati for the first time in 35 years...and there are THREE of the four active members of the 500 HR club playing [Sosa, Palmeiro, Griffey].  We have a Seattle-Washington series.   The Angels are at Shea Stadium for just the second time, but first against the Mets [they played the Yankees there in 1998 after Yankee Stadium was deemed unsafe].  The Indians and Giants met for the first time since the 1954 World Series where Willie Mays made "the Catch". 


*As I speak, the World Bowl XIII is going on.  The Berlin Thunder are taking on the Amsterdam Admirals.  For a complete breakdown...go to - NFL- World Bowl XIII Viewer's Guide

*Later today, Afleet Alex ans Giacomo will do battle for the Belmont Stakes.  I picked Afleet Alex to win both the Derby and the I will stick with him here.  Four of the last five Derby vs Preakness winner matchups in the Belmont were won by the Preakness victor. 


*Even later tonight, Iron Mike Tyson will "battle" Kevin McBride.  My buddy and blogging colleage Yanniis K asked if I was going to watch the fight.  I refuse to pay for fights in this day and age of horrible boxing.  Don't get me wrong...there have been some awesome fights...but not all of them are on Pay Per View.   HBO and Showtime boxing have had some excellent fights over the past year that would be worthy of my paycheck.  And, really, I did pay for those fights since I have to subscribe to their networks.  So, no...I won't buy the fight.  I will just wait to see Tyson pound McBride on Showtime next Saturday.  Listen to AOL's Sports Bloggers Live mini-interview with Tyson by clicking below...

*Sometimes when Barry Bonds opens his is hilarious.  "Who is Kittle? How long did he play? He played in our league? ... Tell him he's an ... idiot. Somebody said he wanted a piece of me. Tell him I'm at 24 Willie Mays Plaza and he can come get me anytime he wants to — with pleasure."

*Oh, and sometime soon Phil Jackson will decide if he will coach the Lakers or not.  Or...he may not. 


*For coverage of the NBA Finals....check out SPORTZ' Laker Land


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