Monday, June 6, 2005


Over on one of my other blogs [SPORTZ XTRA:  NBA DRAFT HEADQUARTERS]....we are currently holding an NBA MOCK DRAFT FOR THE FANS.  Real fans of NBA teams are holding the draft.  When it is their team's turn to pick....they make the selection as if they are the GM. 

Some of the finest AOL members are involved.  Fellow bloggers Yanniis K, Monponsett, George Coztanza and DieCastDude are in here.  So are message board legends Fine Asset, Endora, MCPot, Roferr, DMHamack and TouchNLook.....among others.   

I am still looking for representatives for the Grizzlies, Suns, Rockets, Sonics, Pistons, Spurs and Heat to get if you are one [are know one] and want to join in...just send me an e-mail.  Below is the draft's status thus far:


1-Milwaukee Bucks [Majesticwolf24]:   Marvin Williams [PF]-UNC.  "As a Milwaukee native myself, I can only dream that the team will select the youthful Williams."

2-Atlanta Hawks [YCSJ2980]:   Andrew Bogut [C]-Utah.  "Bogut would give us a nice young frontcourt, especially if harrington can develop into a legitimate four.  We can use our cap space elsewhere and hopefully make a significant jump next year"

3-Portland [FineAsset]:   Gerald Green [SF]-HS.  "We are going for Gerald Green"

4-NewOrleans [TopdawgDB26]:  Chris Paul [PG]-WakeForest.  " A perfect point guard to play along with JR in the back-court. The backcourt of the future."

5-Charlotte [SportzAssassin]:  Deron Williams [PG]-Illinois.  "Although Knight had a good year, Williams is the shooter they need who also is an excellent floor general to compliment Okafor."

6-Utah [Endora60]:  Raymond Felton [PG]-UNC.  "The Jazz desperately need a decent point guard who could be ready to go immediately. With the loss of Arroyo (for whatever reason) and the neverending health problems of Lopez, we need somebody in the worst way."

7-Toronto [Yanniis K]:  Fran Vazquez [PF]-Spain.  " With all the point guards worthy being picked at 7 Toronto goes big as they hope they can get Leni-Ukic or Jack at 16."

8-New York [George Coztanza]:   Channing Frye [C]-Arizona.  "Frye will give the Knicks an inside presence with a nice low post game, athleticism, and a force on the defensive end with his shot blocking and defensive ability. This should help the team recover from the awful Nazr Mohammad trade"

9-Golden State [DieCastDude24]:  Martynas Andriuskevicius [C]-Lithuania.  "Ever since Warriors fans fell in love with Sarunas Marciulionis in the early '90s, the Warrior Nation have been looking for another player out of Lithuania.  We'd also like another center, being fairly well set at all other positions in terms of depth, skill, and youth. Young and will need some seasoning, but he's big, getting stronger, and doesn't mind mixing it up.  Not much of a scorer, but that's not a requirement with the current squad.  Plug him in there and watch him growwith the team"

10-LA Lakers [Group from LakersForum]:  Charlie Villanueva [PF]-UConn.  "Villenueva would be a nice power forwardin Phil's system...and would move Odom to the small forward spot that Phil wants him at."

11-Orlando [MCPot]:  Martell Webster [SG/SF]-HS.  "This kid can shoot the lights out and he's ready for the next level"

12-LAClippers [TouchNLook]:  Antoine Wright [SG]-Texas A&M.  "The Clippers and southern Cal will welcome home perimeter shooter Wright to the offensive arsenal." 

13-Charlotte [SportzAssassin]:  Danny Granger [SF]-New Mexico.  "He and Okafor can become an excellent frontcourt tandemto build upon.  Granger has excellent athletic ability and great passing skills that is a nice thing for a building team to have."


coollethan said...

the nuggets need a shooter, they should jump on Rashad McCants because he is one of the best scorers in the draft

montymaddness23 said...

the knicks should take sean may with their 8th pick and then with the 30th take if available one of these if available ... wayne simien or ike diogu, if hes gone, salim stoudamire, or rashard mccants ... the 54th pick look for danny ewing or travis deiner. That would be an amazing draft for the knicks.