Thursday, June 23, 2005

Who Will Win Game 7???

Game 7 of the NBA Finals is tonight.  So who will win?  Ya can't break the series down...they've seen each other for a week.  It comes to execution, getting high percentage shots and getting in you man's face on defense. 

I'm picking the Pistons 89-84.  I really like the Spurs to win this series...they are at home...but the Pistons just don't die.  Here are some other takes around the web:

Eric Neel,  "As for who's actually going to take this thing, I'm still picking the Spurs to win the game, because they were my pick back last summer, and they've been my pick all season long. But I'm seriously nervous about that pick now that we've hit Game 7. "

Bill Simmons,  "Note to self: Never underestimate the defending champs."

Johnny Ludden,  "Eight months, seven quad contusions, three right ankle sprains and a desperate housewife later, the Spurs awake this morning, stomachs churning, hours from the highest-stakes game in their franchise's history.  In their 105th game of the season and seventh of these NBA Finals, they will play the Detroit Pistons tonight at the SBC Center, the league's championship boiled down to 48 minutes, unless, of course, both teams decide more are needed."

Charley Rosen,  "Obviously, one major factor in how Game 7 will evolve is the quantity and quality of the adjustments made by the respective coaching staffs. The biggest burden, though, belongs to the Spurs only because they have many more adjustments to make."

David DuPree, USAToday:  "Billups or Duncan is likely to be the MVP again as they determine how their teams perform. Duncan has been acknowledged as perhaps the game's best power forward. The relatively unheralded Billups, who has never even played in an All-Star Game, has been the best player entering the deciding game, just as in last season's Finals. "

Rasheed Wallace, Pistons forward:  "That's what we've been doing for the last few years, just winning games.  There's no pressure on us."

Bax Deal, AOL member:  "However, since the league has no vested interest in seeing the Spurs being the champs, I think that'll all come out in the wash.  89-84 may be a bit high, I'd bet the under.  and I'd place a side bet that San Antonio leads going into the fourth, but then gives it up like a 90 pound weakling in the last five minutes"

YCSJ, AOL Blogger Ramblings from the NBA asylum:  "The game 7's this year so far have been anti-climactic routs.  I want an ending that befits a series of this nature.  Maybe a Tayshaun Prince block from behind on a layup like he did against the Pacers last year, a Robert Horry 3, a Ginobili foray into the lane, or Rip Hamilton torching the net on a 15 foot swish.  I want this game to top game 5, and be an ending fitting of a situation that last happened almost 50 years ago.  The kind of ending that will teach the casual fan never to take a finals series lightly in the future."

Basquait1982, AOL member:  "It's time the Spurs put an end to those frauds."

JohnnySee, AOL member:  "The Pistons are nails and far far tougher than San Antonio will ever be.  Pistons are going to take this thing."

Mister JDC, AOL member:  "Robert W. "Air Ball" "I'd rather be lucky than good" Horry played his typical game tonight.  He fired up several air balls in the Spurs loss at home to the Pistons.  His lucky 3 shot didn't work for him tonight.  He played his usual role of brick layer tonight and he played it "well."  He will have 20 or 30 games like tonight for every 1 game like the one he had in Game 5's fluke Spurs win...but all you will ever hear Horry fans talk about is that 1 game like he had in Game 5.  These blind bats who claim to be Spurs fans don't watch Horry when he doesn't have the ball and notice him slipping and tripping out there due to the fact that he often ties his right shoe lace together with his left shoe lace. Watch Horry's lack of mobility and lack of coordination.  The guy has terrible hands also.  He can't pass and he can't catch a pass either. "

Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press:  "This isn't about victory, anymore. It's about legacy. The Pistons, with a victory tonight at San Antonio, would earn an increasingly difficult membership in The Back-to-Back Champions Club -- with credentials that outshine most of the others. Back-to-back Game 7 victories? In the conference finals? Then the championship finals? Both on the road? Both against teams with better records? Ignoring the Fight, the Coach, the Rumors and all the other distractions?"

MarioIFernandez,AOL member:  "who will win the series, you are wondering? here are some clues.  the great news for all fans: this has been an outstanding series. championship teams are defined as much by the quality of their opponents as they are by their own players. in this regard each team has provided a valuable service to the other as both teams are terrific.  who will win this series? both teams already have."

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lcotter1452 said...

Let me be the first to comment... The Spurs.... up by 6 with the ball and 1:31 left.

And, oh by the way if it wasn't for one 13 run inning the yanks would have been swept by the lowly rays.  This is a fantasy roster gone bad... They still may make the playoffs but this team is not a championship caliber team.