Saturday, June 25, 2005

The AOL FAN'S MOCK DRAFT has been completed!

The first round of our FANS NBA MOCK DRAFT!!!!!! has been completed.  Click on the link to check it out. 

Some thoughts: 

*The draft began at the beginning of June, so some of the picks were made before the players "wowed" people during the draft camps.

*No trading was even thought of...even though there may be a lot of it during our draft.

*Check out a nice breakdown at Breakdown of Fan Mock Draft

*Check out | Home for the top Mock Draft site on the web...and has had a steady home on my favorites list for quite some time. 

*Again, thanks to everyone who participated from around the web who participated.  Majestic Wolf, YCSJ, Fine Asset, TopDawg, Endora, Yanniis, G-Coztanza, Die Cast, MCPot [it was great to hook back up with ya], TouchNLook, DMHamack, SmileyJenni, IlliniPacer, Monponsett, DCTW, SportsGuru, NYGFan, IAndrencko, IcyDragon, Fish, Zeke, TJones and Crazy From The Heat. 

*I also have my own personal mock draft on there SPORTZ XTRA:  NBA DRAFT HEADQUARTERS.  Here was an excellent breakdown from jyeck1341 :

Mock draft looks good. 
-Expect the Nets to take Diogubefore they would May
-Don't be suprised if the Pacers go big with their pick.  With only O'Neal and Foster really holding up the frontcourt, they could add a bulky player like May, or even Diogu if he drops to them.
-Deron Williams will not drop past the Hornets at 4. I know you've prolly seen where the Jazz want to take him, but that doesn't nessacarily mean that he will drop to them.  If the Jazz want Deron they will have to trade up to get him.
-The Blazers are going to draft the best player avaibable and thats going to be Chris Paul.
-Considering the Suns have Barbosa as a solid and improving PG, don't think they would select Jack. Jack's outside shot is incosistent and wouldn't help a fastbreak, quick shooting team like the Suns.  They might try to bolster the front line more, since Steven Hunter is opting out of his last year and looking for a bigger contract.  Also, Jake Voskuhl, a starter couple of years ago, is also expected to leave.  Chris Taft, who may not be that interesting of a pick right now, could be available, as should Simien, Petro, Martynas, Blatche, and even David Lee.
-CJ Miles is a big time sleeper in this draft and could mess up everyone's mock drafts.
-Unless some scout sees something I don't, then Randolph Morris should get lucky to land as high as mid-2nd round.  He has no ethic, no passion, and no post moves.  I'm a Kentucky fan, and I will admit having your starting center average only 4 boards a game isn't that good.
-I don't think Nate Robinson will drop past Portland at #35.  He could land in the first round with his athletic abilitly.

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