Tuesday, June 28, 2005


                    Marvin Williams

#1-MILWAUKEE BUCKS:  Andrew Bogut [C]-Utah.  The Bucks will take the high road and draft the guy they've always wanted.  He will be a very good player in this league.

#2-ATLANTA HAWKS:  Marvin Williams [SF]-North Carolina.  He may end up being the best player to come out of the draft.  And while the Hawks don't have this spot as a need [and there are rumblings they may shock the world and draft Paul]....they do need impact players. 

#3-PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS:  Deron Williams [PG]-Illinois.  All indications are that Portland will deal this pick to Utah for the #6 pick.  Williams is a big PG who can defend really well.
#4-NEW ORLEANS HORNETS:  Chris Paul [PG]-Wake Forest.  Many teams covet him which may prompt deals.  But N'Awlins dealt off Davis and needs someone to run the point.  Makes great backcourt with Smith.

#5-CHARLOTTE BOBCATS:  Martell Webster [SG]-High School.  If there is any team that can afford to wait to develop Webster, it is Charlotte.  Thing is that he may not need too much time get there.  Great shot.


#6-UTAH JAZZ:  Andrew Bynum [C]-High School.  Bynum has shown better polish then people first thought.  This pick should be dealt [along with Giricek and Snyder] to the Blazers  for Deron Williams and Ruben Patterson.

#7-TORONTO RAPTORS:  Channing Frye [C]-Arizona.  The worst secret in the draft is that the NYK loves Frye.  Thing is, the Raps will take him here.  It is a spot they desperately need [even though they drafted Arajulo last year].

#8-NEW YORK KNICKS:  Gerald Green [SF]-High School.  Green could go anywhere after #2.  For some reason, he's falling a bit, and the Knicks could be interested in selecting the athletic high school kid.

#9-GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS:  Danny Granger [SF]-New Mexico.  Granger's talent has gotten many GMs hoping he drops.  If G-State can't get Frye...they'll easily settle with Granger.

#10-LOS ANGELES LAKERS:  Raymond Felton [PG]-North Carolina.  The Lakers could really use a guy like Felton.  He can stick the shot....get the Lakers in a running mode...and is a great on the ball defender.  Oh, and he'll pass the ball to Kobe.


#11-ORLANDO MAGIC:  Antoine Wright [SG]-Texas A&M.  With Howard and Francis in place..they need to get a perimeter scorer to make people pay for double teams.

#12-LOS ANGLES CLIPPERS:  Rashad McCants [SG]-North Carolina.  Word is that the Clipps like McCants a lot.  He is undersized a bit...but can score, defend, athletic, has range and would a nice backcourt team with Livingston for quite a while.

#13-CHARLOTTE BOBCATS:  Charlie Villenueva [PF]-UConn.  He could join up with Okafor and Brezec to form a nice front line to go with the youngster Webster. 

#14-MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES:  Joey Graham [SG]-Oklahoma State.  The Wolves need a swingman in the worst way.

#15-NEW JERSEY NETS:  Sean May [PF]-North Carolina.  May's problem is has the least amount of potential since many think he's at the top of his learning curve.  The Nets would love to have him.


#16-TORONTO RAPTORS:  Fran Vazquez [PF]-Spain.  Vazquez couldeasily be gone by now...but recent draft burners have him fallingto Toronto..who may even select him with their #7 pick.

#17-INDIANA PACERS:  Francisco Garcia [SG]-Louisville.  The Pacers need to replace Miller. Garcia could get the nod.

#18-BOSTON CELTICS:  Roko Ukic [PG]-Croatia.  The third worst secret of the draft is Beantown'slove for Ukic.

#19-MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES:  Ike Diogu [PF]-Arizona State.  This makes the sting of letting Swift leave a little less hurtful.

#20-DENVER NUGGETS:  Hakim Warrick [SF]-Syracuse.  Warrick joins back up with Melo to possibly make sweet music again.  He can jump out of the gym, defend well, and could be their key 6th man right out of the gate. 


#21-PHOENIX SUNS:  Jarrett Jack [PG]-Georgia Tech.  I think the Suns would like to have Jack take some of those huge minutes Nash was putting up. 

#22-DENVER NUGGETS:    Yaraslov Korolev [SF]-Russia.  All you've heard for a few weeks was how the Clips covet Korolev.  Heck, they may deal down to get him.  But with Garcia and McCants gone...the Nuggets may elect to go here.  However, the Nuggs may package #20 and #22 to move up to #12.

#23-SACRAMENTO KINGS:  Chris Taft [PF]-Pittsburgh.  Has fallen in the draft due to work ethic.  If someone straightens him out...he could become a draft diamond.

#24-HOUSTON ROCKETS:  Luther Head [SG]-Illinois.  This guy has surged up the draft boards and is a guy the Rockets are very, very high on.  If he's gone before #24...look for Houston to deal down.

#25-SEATTLE SUPERSONICS:  Wayne Simien [PF]-Kansas.  Pretty nice to get a need pick this low.  If Simien can stay healthy.


#26-DETROIT PISTONS:  CJ Miles [SG]-High School.  If you watched the Finals...you saw how the Pistons struggled to get 3-pt shots off.  Miles looks like Ray Allen, and can pop jumpers almost as good as him. 

#27-UTAH JAZZ:  Martynas Andriuskevicius [C]-Lithuania.  The draft wildcard.  He was a high lottery pick a month ago...but problems knock him back to the Jazz who'd still love to have him.

#28-SAN ANTONIO SPURS: Ryan Gomes [SF]-Providence.  May pick up where Malik Rose left off.

#29-MIAMI HEAT:  Randolph Morris [C]-Kentucky.  Not so much Shaq's heir apparant as Alonzo's replacement.

#30-NEW YORK KNICKS:  Julius Hodge [SG]-NC State.  Hodge is a 4-year starter in college who brings toughness and ballsy attitude to New York

#31-ATLANTA HAWKS:  Andre Blatche [C]-High School
#32-LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS:  Ersan Ilyasova [SF]-Turkey
#33-NEW ORLEANS HORNETS:  David Lee [SF]-Florida
#34-UTAH JAZZ:  Ryan Gomes [PF]-Providence
#35-PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS:  Salim Stoudamire [SG]-Arizona

#36-MILWAUKEE BUCKS:  Travis Deiner [G]-Marquette
#37-LOS ANGELES LAKERS:  Nate Robinson [PG]-Washington
#38-TORONTO RAPTORS:  Kennedy Winston [SF]-Alabama
#39-LOS ANGELES LAKERS:  Ronny Turiaf [PF]-Gonzaga
#40-GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS:  Monta Ellis [PG]-High School

#41-ORLANDO MAGIC:  Eddie Basden [SG]-Charlotte
#42-GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS:  Angelo Gigli [PF]-Italy
#43-NEW JERSEY NETS:  Fliberto Rivera [PG]-UTEP
#44-ORLANDO MAGIC:  Matt Walsh [SF]-Florida
#45-PHILADELPHIA 76ERS:  Daniel Ewing [PG]-Duke

#46-INDIANA PACERS:  Dwayne Jones [C]-St. Joseph's
#47-MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES:  Johan Petro [C]-France
#48-SEATTLE SONICS:  Louis Williams [PG]-High School
#50-BOSTON CELTICS:  Mickael Galebale [SF]-France

#51-UTAH JAZZ:  Bojan Popiovic [PG]-Serbia
#52-DENVER NUGGETS:  Linus Kleiza [PF]-Missouri
#53-BOSTON CELTICS:  Dijon Thompson [SG]-UCLA
#54-NEW YORK KNICKS:  Sean Banks [SF]-Memphis
#55-SEATTLE SONICS:  Jason Maxiel [PF]-Cincinnati

#56-DETROIT PISTONS:  Ian Mahinni [PF]-France
#57-PHOENIX SUNS:  Mike Ilic [C]-Serbia
#58-TORONTO RAPTORS:  Juan Mendez [PF]-Niagra
#57-ATLANTA HAWKS:  Jawad Williams [SF]-NorthCarolina
#58-DETROIT PISTONS:  Alan Anderson [SG]-Michigan State

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