Wednesday, June 1, 2005



*Nice pic of Kobe "We didn't get to the playoffs" Bryant and his wife vacationing, huh. 

*I'm very excited about the looming NBA Draft.  While it may not have the star power of, say, the 2003 does have a ton of depth.  There could be a bunch of 2nd rounders that go on to have pretty long careers.  That is how deep the draft is.  So, check out SPORTZ NBA DRAFT HEADQUARTERS for my draft coverage [it will get intense soon]. 

*On that site, we will hold a Fans Mock Draft.  What we will do is have fans of the teams in the draft actually doing the drafting.  So, a Milwaukee Bucks fan will select the top pick.  Then, ol' trust YCSJ will select for the Atlanta Hawks at #2.  Fine Asset, a Blazers fan, will draft for Portland at #3.  And so on.  Thanks to Fine, YCSJ, MCPot [Orlando], Ciaras [Sacramento], Die Cast [Golden State], Monponsett [Boston], George Coztanza [New York], Endora [Utah], Roferr [Indiana] and my Laker Forum Group [LA Lakers] for climbing aboard this cool event.  I'm looking for fans of the other if you are interested...send me an e-mail!

                                  Larry Brown

*Cleveland is set to name Mike Brown as their new head coach....and apparantly Larry Brown as their president.  What bad timing for this news to "leak".  If Brown [Larry] didn't know...but he's currently being paid to coach the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals.  I like Larry.  He's a UNC guy who's an excellent teacher and knows the game so well.  However, he is flighty.  He jumps from job to joband can never really be counted on in the long run.  Especially his word.  I mean, he was tired of the Philly job...and quickly jumped ship to Detroit.  And before was Indiana.  San Antonio.  LA Clippers.  And so on.  It is fine to go take another job...nothing wrong with it.  But Larry's current job isn't done.  At least, he hopes it doesn't end too soon.

*Speaking of GMing...Yannis takes a gander at the GMs who screwed up in not drafting Amare Stoudemire [Yannis' Sports Journal].  Read this blog about Amare....and while you are there, take a look at this "Rookie Blogger Of the Week" to be.

*I guess Les Expos were quite an investment for MLB.  They bought the Montreal Expos for $120M a few years back....and now have 9 bidders wanting to shell out $300M for the franchise.  The leading candidates, Frank Malek and Jeffrey Zients, include former Sec of State Colin Powell as an investor. 

*Since we are on the subject of baseball and the new Washington 'bout that NL East??  Only 3.5 games seperate first from last...amazing since you have a couple of large and a couple of small market teams in that same division.  Atlanta has the lead [well, as I was writing this sentence].  This could last all year long.  No team is dominant...but every one of them has a reason to win the division.  Atlanta just wins;  New York forked a ton of money on prized free agents;  Florida's got hitting to go with that young staff;  the Nats are excited to play and any success will be huge for their fans;  Philly is....well, Philly.  Every other division has at least one team [Tampa, Kansas City, Oakland, Houston, Colorado] that is in the tank already.  The NL East doesn't...and all of them can make moves to shore up a September run.

*San Antonio did the unthinkable and let Phoenix back into their series.  With a chance to sweep, the Spurs looked lethargic and like a team that has never been there before.  I mean, the freakin' Suns outhustled them on defense!!  While it is just a game...this series could get interesting.  Game 5 is in Phoenix...and if the Suns pull that game out, they'd go back to San Antonio down 3-2.  The Suns are the top road team in the NBA this season...and have proven they can win in the SBC Center.  If the Suns can find a way to even the series at 3....they go home for what will be a tense and exciting Game 7.  Of course, San Antonio is undefeated at the America West Center this playoff this could just be a speed bump.


*I'm not a big NASCAR fan....but the #48 Lowe's car [Jimmie Johnson] just won his third straight Coca-Cola 600.....and Lowe's Motor Speedway in my hometown of Charlotte??  If this happened in any other sport...conspiracy theorist would be up in arms!! 

*I watched the ESPN take on the Glasers takeover of Manchester United.  While, I think the ManU fans are taking it a bit too far....I can see the angst.  I mean, what if a Euro bought the Yankees???  Or the Cowboys [maybe they could move them to Paris]?? get bent out of shape that the Glasers will "sell out" the team is absurd.  I mean, you've already been wearing ads all over your uniforms already!!!!  And,. unless you drive a stock car, no major American sport sells advertising on their jerseys. 



monponsett said...

I'm openly looking to trade our 2005 #1 pick for a second rounder in 2008, and Brian Grant's contract- Danielle Ainge

sportzassassin said...

Nope.  We covet Brian Grant's $15M salary.  

He made $13,233,434 last year.  He scored 263 points.

So, we paid him $50,317 per pt he scored last year.

By comparison, we paid Kobe Bryant $7,792 per point.  So, using the math, Brian Grant is being paid like he is 6 Kobes.  

monponsett said...

While I don't have the assignment in front of me, a former student did a report where he figured out that Alex Rodriguez gets $75 per heartbeat.

When Babe Ruth was shown that his 1930 salary exceeded that of US President Herbert Hoover, he replied, "It should be higher....I had a better year."