Wednesday, June 8, 2005


Mr Irrelevant brought back the 13 year old in me. Just by saying "Mike Tyson Punch Out."

Dude....that game was classic!!! Everyone who every played that game can hear that music that would play during the training sequence. "Doo. Doo-da-doo-doo-doo. Doo-da-doo-doo-doo. Da-da-da-da-da. Da-da. Da-da. Da-da. Doo-doo-doo-doo. Da-da. Da-da. Da-da. Doo-doo-doo-doo."  Listen to it below

Freaking classic!!! Nintendo made it’s name with that title....along with Super Mario Bros and Excitebike.

For those who don’t know...."Punch Out" followed Little Mac thru his infant boxing career. You had a little uppercut...and hitting select would give you that power punch.  It was all just guts to get the glory. 

                          Jeremy Roenick, Phil Garner and Hideki Matsui face off first.

First, you face Glass Joe. Joe was the easiest fight you could ever have. "Make it quick. I’m trying to retire." Hit Joe with a left....right...left....right...etc. He goes down quicker than a crack whore.  Next, Von Keiser tried to bring the pain. He was pretty much a waste as well...but he most likely introduced you to some face punches. After him, Piston Honda came along. A tad bit tougher...but easy to figure out. Along comes a training sequence.

          Adam Sandler, Mongo and Rammathorn [Super Troopers] come up next

Don Flamenco meets you next. Dude is hilarious!!! He does a little dance...bites a rose...and takes a whipping. The most memorable character is King Hippo. Smack dude in the mouth...then rabbit punch him in the stomach takes care of him. Next was the Great interesting fighter. His jewel on his turban would flicker...and he’d do some sort of circular floating shot. Block those shots....and the Tiger gets dizzy and is available to wail on. Enter another training sequence.

                                 What toxic dump did these mutants crawl out of??

Now comes some tough ones. The Bald Bull was about 50 times bigger than you....and you had to dodger his Bull Charge. Do that...and time your punch and you can do major damage. Along comes Soda Popinski [this is usually where I had a tough time]. The south-paw chugged down some...uh...soda....before ready to whip some capitalist boot-ay.  Dude was orginally named Vodka Drunkinski in the arcades.   I don’t ever think I beat Mr. Sandman, the next fighter.

Super Macho Man would put you to bed real quick. His Super Spin Punch got me everytime. If you could beat him [or just type in the code], you get to face off against Iron Mike Tyson.  I never beat Iron Mike. 

To hear a adaptation of the Little Mac training here:

For a hilarious hip-hop parody of the training scene...check out  Punchout remix. [WARNING:  adult language].  UPDATE:  There is a Lego Rave version.....a 50 cent edition....and


dcsportsguy said...


This was one of my favorite blog entries of all time. Thank you.


treesoup1 said...

Ahh sportz, yup. Bringing back the summer I had in Lexington when I was like 11 or 12 visiting my sister and my grandmother. My brother in law had the Punch Out game and I loved it. Never got far at it though, but it's definetly classic.

I was once the man to beat at techmo bowl. Best player on defense on that game was Ronnie Lott. Chicago had a pretty good team if I remember correctly, they had one of the best running attacks. I can remember my brothers and I fighting over who gets to pick first. LOL.

Another football game I loved was Super NES Football. It had the diagonal field. 2D, with little square dots as your players. I was once king of that game also one point in time. LoL.

What a classic time.


sportzassassin said...

This entry just took me back to that time.  That was before EA Sports ran all the dopest sports games.  You had Tecmo Bowl.....Double Dribble [4 teams]....Wayne Gretzky Hockey....RBI Baseball and many more [how about Dr J vs Larry Bird?].

I just remember playing Super Mario Bros, Mega Man 2, Double Dragon, Shinobi, Tetris, Zelda, Metroid and more that I can't even remember.  I bought my first NES off some dude in junior high with a bunch of games..and that just started me out.

Never did own DuckHunt, however


mackmasterson said...

I'd have to agree...Wonderful Entry!!

I also long for the days of Jerry Rice making the catch in quadruple coverage and Bo Jackson blowing up the defense, even if you called the right play.  Bo had to be the greatest Video Game athelete of all time...

I think Bill Simmons wrote an article on the best video game athletes ever....

"Body Blow, Body Blow, Right Hook, Right Hook....Upper Cut, Upper Cut...!"

The Guru

monponsett said...

On my Madden 2002, Terry Glenn is as white as James Longstreet.