Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 5 Really Opened My Eyes

During the first few weeks of the season, you really don't know if what you are seeing is legit. Is this team really that good? Has this team lost it? Who really is a contender?

After Week 5, what you see is pretty much what you get. There are some things that may not be totally what they seem, but for the most part the picture comes clearer.

BRONCOS ARE FOR REAL: I've been the leader on the march that the Denver Broncos have benefitted from an easy schedule and two magical plays in order to stay undefeated. This defense has improved dramatically, the players seem to love playing for Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton has really shined. You don't shut down the Patriots like that and then take the overtime kickoff and march it down their throats without being pretty good.

BENGALS, I GUESS, ARE LEGIT: I'm not as sold on the Bengals, but I gotta give them their propers. I didn't think they'd have a chance to win in Baltimore. But this much improved defense held down the second best scoring team in the league (their only points came from an Ed Reed return and a great effort on a long run from Ray Rice). I've really been impressed with the way the offense makes plays when they need to. Even including the Week 1 loss to Denver, Cincinnati has scored game tying/winning TDs at the end of each game. The new Cardiac Cats.

THERE ARE A LOT OF TEAMS THAT SUCK: The Rams really looked bad against the Vikings. The Buccaneers looked like garbage in Philly. That Bills-Browns game set football back 70 years.

PAGING MIKE SHANAHAN: Jim Zorn stuck another nail in his coffin when he still couldn't figure out how an offense is supposed to run. With the news that Daniel Snyder contacted Mike Shanahan, it is just a matter of time until Zorn is out as the Redskins coach. How in the heck can you be 2-3 when EVERY GAME YOU PLAYED was against a team that hadn't won a game going into that day.

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