Monday, October 12, 2009

Ranking the AFL Throwback Jerseys

With the original AFL teams celebrating 50 years of excellence, they are popping out their original uniforms. So, I want to rank the uniforms from best to worst ... and the results surprised even me.

1-TENNESSEE TITANS: The old Oiler uniforms make the current Titans uniforms look foolish. I loved the Oilers logo and look. It's a shame that the NFL wouldn't let Houston keep it.

2-DENVER BRONCOS: If I did this post a week ago, Denver would be near the bottom. I don't know, I actually liked the brown and yellow unis. You just don't see that much brown in sports uniforms anymore. I loved the striped socks. I loved the simple helmets. It just works for what it is.

3-SAN DIEGO CHARGERS: I'm not all ga-ga about the powder blue Bolts jerseys but they are better than most of the others.

4-NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: I've always like the Patriot on the helmet. Yeah, it represents the tough times for the franchise while the new logo makes us remember three Super Bowl victories. But those helmets and logos have a bit more fun to them then the current model.

5-OAKLAND RAIDERS: Not a huge difference over the years. The silver and black always zings, even if it's 50 years old.

6-KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: Like the Raiders, these uniforms aren't much different than the originals. The old "Dallas Texans" had much different logos but it isn't quite the change as any of the other uniforms.

7-BUFFALO BILLS: I like the helmets more than the uniforms. Still, I prefer the 1990s era Bills gear more than anything.

8-NEW YORK JETS: The "Titans" uniforms are easily the ugliest of the bunch. The diarrhea yellow and skank blue doesn't go well together. Whomever thought that would look good should be forced to wear them until they die ... if they haven't already.

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