Friday, October 9, 2009

My NFL Week 5 Picks

I've done alright in my NFL picks this season. As of now, I am 42-20.

Week 1: 12-4
Week 2: 7-9

Week 3: 11-5

Week 4: 12-2

Not too bad. Not bad at all. So, here are my Week 5 picks:

Ravens over Bengals: Yes, Cincy fans have every right to be excited, but they aren't good enough to win in B-more.

Bills over Browns: Both teams have laid eggs since the season started. Still, the Bills are more talented and should beat the dysfunctional Browns.

Panthers over Redskins: This is a tough one for me. The Redskins are my favorite team. I grew up in Charlotte and want to see the hometown do well. But not that well. Go REDSKINS! I just think that the week off for the Panthers will get them back to basics and get them in the win column.

Steelers over Lions: Last year's champ will be last year's winless team. Even though it's this year now. Um, yeah.

Cowboys over Chiefs: This will be a confusing game as the "Dallas Cowboys" will be taking on the Chiefs origin team, the "Dallas Texans". Whatever. Dallas wins.

Giants over Raiders: Eli or not, New York rolls at home.

Eagles over Buccaneers: Tampa continues their trek through the NFC East with another loss.

Vikings over Rams: St. Louis has looked horrible all season long. The Vikings are on a roll. Easy call.

Niners over Falcons: Ooooh. First tough one. I love San Francisco's defense enough that I think they can slow down Atlanta.

Cardinals over Texans: This is a tough one and I was tempted to take Houston. But Mario Williams may miss the game and I think Arizona will get a lot from the bye week.

Jaguars over Seahawks: These are two tough teams to figure out. The long trip from Jacksonville to Seattle could hurt the Jags chances, but I just have this hunch.

Patriots over Broncos: Okay, the charade ends now!

Colts over Titans: This will be a lot closer than the records may indicate, but Peyton Manning is clicking right now and Tennessee is a bit banged up in the secondary.

Jets over Dolphins: Rex Ryan's defense will be too much for the young Chad Henne.

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