Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jim Zorn Showing His Panic

Jim Zorn is officially worried about his job.

Coming out of the half of a sad 3-0 defecit to the lowly Kansas City Chiefs, Zorn benched quarterback Jason Campbell in favor of Todd Collins. Apparently he benched Clinton Portis in favor of Ladell Betts (the word is he has an ankle injury -- right).

Stuff like this makes you think that Zorn is willing to do anything.

It is good and bad all at the same time. I can understand Zorn doing this. His team has come under fire over the first five weeks of the season. He's heard all kinds of noise about his job being in jeopardy -- that it is "when" and not "if" he's canned. Next week his team will be on Monday Night Football against the very talented Eagles (and should get spanked). After that is the Skins' bye week.

Bye week in the NFL could mean "good-bye" week for coaches who are close to being fired. It is the best time to change horses midstream ... if there even is one. If Washington loses this game to the 0-5 Chiefs and then gets stomped by Philly, Zorn will most likely be shown the door. He knows this and is grasping straws to try to get any kind of momentum.

There's a lot of changes goin' on in Washington.

UPDATE: Apparently CBS wants him gone, too. CBS has lost the feed for the Chiefs-Redskins game ... and we are pumped with Brett Favre while we wait. Thank you, NFL Sunday Ticket for other options.

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