Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Getting Harder to Defend Jason Campbell ... Especially When He's Benched

I've defended Jason Campbell over the past couple of years and have done so as late as yesterday. But it's getting extremely hard to do this when he and this Redskins offense performs like this.

Let me start off by saying that our offensive line is shoddy. It was held together with rubber-bands and duct tape before the season began. The inevitable injuries that were going to occur have now, so our lack of depth is further exposed. Having a crappy offensive line doesn't help Campbell much.

Having said that, it is still Campbell's job to make smart decisions even faced with the rush. He's not doing that. He underthrows some receivers. He overthrows others. He has never heard of the word "touch pass". Santana Moss was wide open in the first half against the Chiefs, but Campbell threw a laser that fell short of the streaking receiver.

Things like that happen, but what really pissed me off was the Redskins final drive of the first half. With less than two minutes and a full compliment of timeouts, we failed to get anything done. He threw short passes over the middle, forcing us to eat our timeouts. Then, with about 20 seconds remaining and no timeouts left, Campbell goes back to pass but everyone is covered. Instead of ditching it and throwing the ball away, he tucks the ball in and runs. Gained about three yards and forced us to spike the ball with six seconds left. From there, we got one Hail Mary shot at the endzone (instead of a 54-yard FG attempt -- thanks Zorn) which was intercepted.

*-note: I started typing this during halftime of the Redskins-Chiefs game.

Coming out of the half, Campbell now has been benched in favor of Todd Collins. Collins first pass was hitting a wide open Santana Moss for 42 yards. Nice bomb with nice touch.

Thanks for the past couple of years, Jason. It was nice knowing you.

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