Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush-ed Out in St. Louis

The group that will bid to buy the St. Louis Rams franchise has dropped Rush Limbaugh from their roster. The move was made after players lashed out at the prospects of the highly controversial radio host actually running a team, Colts owner Jim Irsay promised not to vote for the group and commish Roger Goodell's not-so-thinly veiled comments.

The group needed to drop Rush if they really wanted a shot at owning the Rams. I'm not getting into his past because you can read that anywhere.

I will say that, even as a Republican, I believe this was the right move. As a Republican, I've grown a bitter taste to where my party has been headed. Instead of the true roots of being a fiscal conservative group, the party has instead pushed fear and paranoia on people. Fear comes in many shades: religion, patriotism, racism and conspiracy theories.

This was the same man who was on ESPN saying that the media is craving for a black quarterback to be successful (referring to Donovan McNabb). He also referred to the players in the NFL as "Crips and Bloods."

Limbaugh went on his show and said that his dismissal from the bidding group was a sign that the "left" will do anything to hush the "right's" voice and the fact that everyone was against him shows that this country is going into the crapper. He even went off about the fact that the Black Eyed Peas Fergie is a new part owner of the Dolphins. Again, I'm a Republican and I don't agree with him at all. He was kicked out because of his racist remarks over the year and his inability to quiet his noise.

The collection of NFL owners are predominately conservative, so it isn't as if the players didn't want to play for a Republican. It is because none of those other owners have made anti-black comments in a public forum and the NFL isn't scared that any of them would. Limbaugh has and you know that he, at some point, will again.

Look at the NFL owners for a moment. Yeah, there are some interesting and driven people amongst them but they all know their place. If Limbaugh was part of any ownership group, anything controversial he said would them be connected to the league. Goodell doesn't want that and neither do the other owners.

So Limbaugh will go back to the airwaves and preach to his legions of followers that he was ousted because of his political beliefs. Instead, we don't want his racist beliefs around the game we love.

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