Friday, October 30, 2009

Sportz' Week 8 Picks

Last week, I went 11-2. I picked the Panthers to beat the Bills and Giants to beat the Cardinals. Both, I felt, were pretty safe bets. Oh well.

That puts my season record at 69-34 ... which is 66%. That's better than a flip of the coin!

So here are my Week 8 Picks:

RAVENS OVER BRONCOS: Just a hunch that B-more's offense will break through that improved Denver defense. And Kyle Orton will get a heavy dose of pressure.

BEARS OVER BROWNS: This is my Eliminator pick, so that tells you how confident I am.

COWBOYS OVER SEAHAWKS: Dallas is starting to get some momentum and Seattle is sooooo unpredictable.

LIONS OVER RAMS: I've always said that picking games where two teams suck is harder than picking the ones involving championship caliber teams. I like Detroit here just because ... well, I don't know why.

GIANTS OVER EAGLES: I explained to someone today that Philly is one of the luckiest teams in the league. They beat Carolina while Jake Delhomme was throwing picks like crazy; beat the dysfunctional Redskins and lost to the Raiders. Giants.

TEXANS OVER BILLS: Houston is getting no respect. Beating Buffalo won't do much to improve that.

COLTS OVER NINERS: Indy is on a roll. San Francisco is struggling.

JETS OVER DOLPHINS: I don't like Chad Henne facing off against that Rex Ryan defense. The Wildcat will help, but this is a smart defense.

CHARGERS OVER RAIDERS: Won't be as close as their first meeting.

TITANS OVER JAGUARS: Upset special! Tennessee is switching to Vince Young and I think the team will step their game up. Plus, Jacksonville barely beat the crappy Rams ... so I'm not too impressed with them.

CARDINALS OVER PANTHERS: Jake Delhomme keeps his job. Too bad he has to face one of his biggest demons now. How many times will they show replays from his horrid playoff game against Arizona during the week?

PACKERS OVER VIKINGS: I think the Packers will rally around Aaron Rodgers and get him this win. Green Bay is improved since their shootout a few weeks ago. Also, I think Brett Favre will actually try to show up the Packers which will hurt the team's cause.

SAINTS OVER FALCONS: I think N'Awlins is the second best team in the league and the Superdome will be bumping on Monday night!

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