Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Not Wrong For Packer Fans to Hate Brett Favre ... Right Now

Last night was a weird scene in Minnesota. Seeing Brett Favre face off against the Green Bay Packers was bizarre. It was also bizarre to see so many Packer fans in attendance with either Favre gear on or anti-Favre stuff.

Some in the media and the message boards think it's silly for Packer fans to hate on Favre. I understand -- and they should. Here is a guy that kept your franchise waiting and guessing and when he told you he wasn't coming back and you moved on ... he can't just walk back in like everything is cool.

And I understand the whole "leaving for the enemy" deal. I do. And I understand the hard feelings Packer fans have. I do.

As a Laker fan, I've soured on Shaquille O'Neal. He, like Favre, brought my favorite team back to the glory days. Shaq in the early part of this decade was so dominant (especially in the Finals). As you know, Shaq complained his way out of Los Angeles by demanding a trade. He got it and my team missed the playoffs the next season.

To this day, I have hard feelings for Shaq ... just as many Laker fans still do. All those things we used to defend him on we now pull out of our sarcastic hats. He ruined a good thing. And it wasn't like he went to the Clippers or Celtics or Spurs or anything. So it must be even harder for Packer backers.

However, there will be one day when this all blows over. One day, Shaq will be back at the Staples Center watching his number 34 retired and placed alongside the other Laker greats. One day after that, Kobe's number 24 will be next to it. The fans, like me, who once hated on him will forget all of that and celebrate his time with the Lakers for what it was.

Same thing will happen to Brett Favre one day. Someday down the road there will be a ceremony honoring Favre. And those Packer fans who became sick watching him in Vikings purple will stand and applaud. They will remember how he helped elevate a franchise that was just treading water and all but forgotten into a Super Bowl champion. They will remember all the great plays, the great comebacks and the great memories. And while there still will be a sting about how it ended, you push that aside for the outstanding times.

Just give it some time.

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