Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh, What a Exciting Day in the NFL!

Today was a pretty good day in the NFL. Not every game was a nail biter, but there were some great performances in the blowouts, too.

REDSKINS WIN: Forgive me for being both happy and concerned about the Redskins' 16-13 win over the Buccaneers. Beating anyone is a good thing and we needed that bad taste out of our mouths after the Rams win and Lions loss. Clinton Portis finally got in a groove, we ran the ball more than usual and Jason Campbell finally completed a bomb.

Of course, I'm concerned because we barely escaped a winless team. Washington is in the midst of the easiest portion of a schedule that anyone could possibly imagine. The Redskins faced the now 0-4 Rams, the now 1-3 Lions and the now 0-4 Buccaneers ... with the 0-3 Panthers and 0-4 Chiefs up next. The Skins should be 5-1 coming out of that (with the lone loss the season opener at the Giants). However, we didn't look well against the Rams and Bucs and became the first team in 20 games to lose to Detroit. In this game, Campbell made some horrible throws, was picked off three times and coach Jim Zorn had a few questionable play calls (mainly going for it on a 4th and 4 at midfield).

BENGALS DON'T CHOKE: I live in Cincinnati now and their game with Cleveland had letdown written all over it. The Bengals are coming off a big win and should pummel the crappy Browns. The Bengals never pummel anyone. Also, Cincy struggles to win in Cleveland no matter what.

So the fact that the Bengals were down 20-14 late in the game ... then the fact that they scored a TD and had the PAT blocked ... it looked as if they were going to disappoint again. But for the second straight week, Carson Palmer and the offense made some huge, huge plays late and pulled out a win. Now they head to Baltimore for a big matchup of 3-1 teams.

DALLAS DOES CHOKE: I must admit, I was surprised that the Denver Broncos defense is this good. They completely battered Tony Romo and held down one of the league's top rushing attacks. Still, Dallas had their chances to do something and didn't. How Brandon Marshall catches that pass and run through tacklers is beyond me. Then with the ball near the goal line, Romo threw a couple of passes a bit late.

The big question is why Romo and the Cowboys decided to throw Champ Bailey's way an amazing 16 times?

PATRIOTS EEK BY RAVENS: Amazing game. Amazing ending. Amazing drop.

T.O. NEEDS TO SHUT UP: Sorry, but Terrell Owens cannot whine about "running the plays that are called." He had two huge drops that I remember during the Bills loss to the Dolphins. And they were DROPS of good passes that the defenders didn't touch.

TWO TEAMS ARE MIRACLE PLAYS AWAY FROM BEING 4-0: Think about this: the Cincinnati Bengals are a freak TD pass to Brandon Stokley away from being undefeated right now. Also, the San Francisco 49ers are an amazing Brett Favre heave away from being unbeaten as well. Quite something when you think how inept these franchises have been this decade.

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