Monday, October 12, 2009

UNC to Hang Four New Jerseys In the Rafters

North Carolina is set to add four new jerseys to the rafters during basketball season. To get your number retired, you must have been a National Player of the Year. To have your jersey honored and hanging from the rafters, you had to be a first or second team All American, an Olympic Gold medalist or team voted MVP of a National Championship team.

Tyler Hansbrough, of course, will have his number retired and jersey hanging alongside Jordan, Jamison, Worthy and the rest of the Players of the Year. Ty Lawson, because he was an All-American this past year, won't have his number retired but his jersey will hang in the rafters.

Those we knew. But UNC announced that two more jerseys will be honored.

The school announced that they are adding "ACC Player of the Year" winners and "Final Four Most Outstanding Player" winners to the rafters. That means Wayne Ellington and Donald Williams will be hanging up there with all the other jerseys.

Ellington won the MOP award this past year. Williams won his on the 1993 Championship team.

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