Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brandon Jennings Is a Breath of Fresh Air

This Brandon Jennings story is one of my favorite little dust-ups on the web. It just shows how things have changed over the years.

For most of Jennings' recent controversial conversations with rapper Joe Budden, get up to speed here.

A couple of things before I start up: I don't agree with Jennings assessment of a lot of what he said in his coversation. I do think Jennings runs his mouth just to run his mouth. That's what he does. And like he says about Rubio, Jennings is also all hype. He's done nothing in anyone's eyes other than showing up late to the NBA Draft (which I don't know why people are pissing on that) and his beef with Rubio.

However, don't hate on the man for telling you how he really feels. Oliver Stone brought this up to Bill Maher the other night (yeah, I'm a Republican that watches Maher) that people thirst for public figures to say what they really feel instead of the persona they want to portray. However, when we get the raw, uncut view ... we lash out.

While I don't really agree with Jennings, I'm fine with what he said. He doesn't lack confidence and should expect to be the starter for Milwaukee next season. That's his swagger. Also, I'm fine with how he dogs Rubio to a degree. I think he's wrong, but Jennings has a perspective that many other people don't -- he actually played against the cat in a game and carved him up. I can understand Jennings' ego when it comes to this (would anyone fault DeJuan Blair if he came out and said "how is Hasheem Thabeet the No. 2 pick in the draft when I owned his butt twice?").

Jennings just needs to know that what he says can make people turn on you. When you are willing to be raw, there may be people out there that won't like it. And in 2009 and beyond, you have absolutely nothing under radar. I mean, this was a web show from a rapper ... not ESPN. You would think that it wouldn't get out much but this is a different time where idiots like me can feel like part of the "media".

However, if Jennings doesn't care what people say (judging by his hiding from the Draft until after he was drafted, he does), he can just be that guy who says what he feels and to hell with anyone who doesn't like it.

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