Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Courtney Lee Ruins My Dream Of a Headband-Free NBA Finals

I was excited about the NBA Finals. Not just because my beloved Lakers are playing in it. Not just because I think that it will be a pretty good series. No, I thought that we would have an NBA Finals sans headbands.

On the Lakers side, there are no headbands. Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom used to wear them but have tossed them aside in recent years. Shannon Brown has wore one but isn't now.

I though Orlando had no headbanders, either. That is until I looked back at Game 6 and saw Courtney Lee running around with a white one on. CRAP!!!! My dream has been denied!!!

Okay. Okay. Lee is wearing one because he has to wear a protective mask. Lee's beak was smashed by Dwight Howard during their series with Philadelphia. I guess I cannot get too mad.

One of the trends that has quietly crept into the NBA is the use of headbands. In my day, only those uncool geeks wore headbands. There were a couple NBA players that donned them, but it was far from a fashion statement.

Now, it seems that everyone is wearing one. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony may be the best known. Ben Wallace famously bucked Chicago Bulls tradition by wearing one. Rajon Rondo likes wearing his with the NBA logo upside down. I think every single Detroit Piston wears one.

I mean, you don't notice it much anymore -- do you? I was reminded of it when I saw Melo and LeBron lose their headbands at various times during the conference finals.

Thank god we don't have to see it during the NBA Finals. Well, aside from Courtney Lee.

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bunnieboo said...

who the fuck cares?? its a SWEAT band to soak up SWEAT wich if u havnt noticed they do alot when playing basket ball idiot

nd btw courtney can do wut ever he wants cuz hes sexy =]]