Friday, June 5, 2009

Howard's Six Shots: When Stats Don't Tell the Story

All the NBA honks out there are trying to figure out how the Lakers only allowed six shots by Dwight Howard. They are all saying that Howard needs more touches and all that. They are wrong.

Well, he does need more touches but it isn't like he wasn't getting them last night. Yeah, he only had six OFFICIAL shots, but that doesn't factor in those shots he missed as he was fouled. Howard went to the line 16 times (meaning he was fouled at least 8 times) and pretty much all of them were on shot attempts. So that meant he shot about 14 times. He also committed two offensive fouls on shot attempts right at the basket. Still not enough, but that is alot better than six.

Also, the other Magic players couldn't make the Lakers pay for doubling (or tripling) down on Howard. He made the right play most of the time, but guys couldn't capitalize. If they can't hit, do you think the Lakers are gonna stop running off one of them to help on Howard? Of course not.

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