Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dan Shaughnessy Hates Winners

The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy hates Los Angeles. He has said as much with his most recent whining about how Lakers fans are loving their champion Lakers.

I'm not going into everything he said (click the link to read it yourself), but dude just seems like a hater. He's currently in L.A. and he's been on ESPN's "Jim Rome Is Burning" this week. When the Southern California native Rome talked about the Lakers championship on the show's forum, Shaughnessy blew the title off as if it meant nothing.

The fact that Shaughnessy went with the "would the Lakers be champions if Boston had a healthy Kevin Garnett" comment shows a lack of class. Yeah, the C's chances would have increased with a functional KG ... but the Lakers did beat Boston twice this year and KG played in both games (the flip side of that is that the Orlando Magic swept the Lakers in the regular season, so we all see how that means nothing).

Also, how many seasons in the NBA have seen some team's great player out for an extended period of time? Remember 1989 when the Lakers didn't have Byron Scott for the entire series and lost Magic Johnson during Game 2? Hell, would Boston have won it last year if the Lakers had a healthy Andrew Bynum? It goes both ways, sir.

Of course, this is a Boston guy and for ANYONE to bitch about another city's fan base going nuts for their team, it can't be Beantown. Lest he forget that we have had the freakin' Red Sox crammed down our throats. You would think that their two titles this decade were the only titles ever won in the history of baseball. Not just that, but we had to hear about this pissing and moaning about how they couldn't win for 86 years. Funny, but the White Sox and Cubs have waited longer and I haven't heard a fraction of the whining as I did with Boston fans.

And how about the Patriots? This was a joke of a franchise for so many years. Remember, Mr. Shaughnessy, that the Pats won their first Super Bowl on a bull-corn play against the Raiders. You won your first Super Bowl when Kurt Warner decided to be mortal, your second Super Bowl when the Panthers gave you the ball at midfield and your third Super Bowl when Donovan McNabb threw up down the stretch. You won those games by a grand total of 9 points.

And you threw the "the Patriots almost won another one" crap up there. Can the Rams, Panthers and Eagles say the same thing then? Do we give the Arizona Cardinals an "almost Super Bowl ring" for having a lead going into the closing seconds only to lose it on a great play? I could see you working if your team DIDN'T ENTER THE GAME WITH A 18-0 RECORD and you just played the Giants in the regular season finale. "Almost championships" don't exist.

I mean, the Boston Celtics won the 1981 NBA Finals over the Houston Rockets ... who finished the season 40-42!!!! You giving that one back?

You said that you'd "give props" to the Lakers if they beat the Boston Celtics in the Finals next year. I know that people in Boston aren't too fond of any other team, but the Lakers did beat the team that eliminated you.

The Lakers are the 2009 champs. LA deserves to celebrate.

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