Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Orlando's Pietrus Is Taking Off His Kobe-Endorsed Shoes

Orlando Magic guard Mickael Pietrus knows that the best way to guard Kobe Bryant is to think like him. Get inside his head. Walk a mile in his shoes.

Well Pietrus is taking those shoes off.

Pietrus has been wearing Kobe Bryant endorsed Nikes this season but will switch them up for the NBA Finals. Pietrus says he'll be wearing his "Michael Jordan shoes" instead. That will be interesting since Kobe is routinely held up to Jordan's standard. I'm not that keen on switching up your gear like this with so much on the line ... but I can see him working.

There will be that night during the Finals wearing Kobe's is lighting it up. You don't need him smacking you around that you are wearing his shoes. You just showed him that he's the man and you are like a suburban teen.

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