Thursday, June 22, 2006

USA Eliminated From World Cup


The United States did what it had to do Thursday morning.

They finally ended the misery.

Team USA were beaten by Ghana, 2-1, to advance Ghana into the Round of 16 and send the Americans home.

This was a tournament where, heading into this game, the Americans had just ONE SHOT ON GOAL.  They leave scoring two on an "own goal" by Italy in a tie last weekend.  They leave as the "whining team" who complained about officials and the like. 

We were bad Americans.  Very bad Americans.  And I'm sure the world is sad that we are leaving.

We should leave, since we stunk up the joint.  Coming in, all we heard about was how great this US team was.  Sure, the group was hard and we shouldn't expect advancement...but we were still good.  We were better than the 2002 team that got to the quarterfinals.  We were supposed to lose a bit here....but I didn't expect us to look so bad.  We finished 0-2-1 and were as unmemorable as, well, you don't think we really are gonna remember any of this happened, eh?

And as much as we, Americans, hate soccer.....we hate losers more.  I mean, we aren't the biggest hockey nation either...but everyone knows about a little event in Lake Placid in 1980.

Again...I am not a soccer fan at all.  But when the World Cup comes along, I do feign some interest.  It passes the time before I go to work and it is the World's Game.  But, with the USA gone....I probably won't go out of my way to watch any of it, except for possibly the Final.

What am I talking about!?!?!  I probably watched a total of 20 minutes of the Americans anyways. 

Maybe I will now, since I know there is some great soccer teams now out there....and Ghana does seem to be a great team to root for. 



zbar88 said...

Hey Sportz! We were horrible! Although the ref did blow this game with that cheap penalty shot. I wrote about this exact topic today to, nice pic.

whatever1296 said...

"The World's Game".....................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Nobody cares....4 shots on goal is pathetic, we should have started Lebron!

sportzassassin said...

What kills me is the hype that's gone into this thing....led by ESPN.  Since ESPN/ABC has the rights to it, of course they'd pimp it like we are SUPPOSED to care about it.  Again, no offense to the soccer lovers out there, but America, as a whole, doesn't care.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  We don't have to be involved in everything.  That's why we invented our own sports [baseball, football, basketball] that we like.  We are America....we drive on the right side of the road, we don't use the metric system, we don't use Celcius, we changed the spellings of certain English words....we do our own thing.  So it doesn't bother me that we suck at soccer.  Just stop (a) telling me that we are building this great soccer culture and (b) telling me that I am supposed to care.   We don't have a fraction of caring for this sport as pretty much every other country in the World Cup has.  If we did, as a nation, cared as much as them.....then we'd be atop the whole world.  


monponsett said...

The US system weeds great athletic talents into the NFL here. We'll never be a dynasty there.

sportzassassin said...

That's fine.  I really don't care if we ever become a soccer power.  In fact, I like that we aren't.  Not just because I am not a soccer fan....but sometimes we, as Americans, make things all about us cuz we're there.  It happens in the Olympics and other world sporting events.  

The World Cup isn't about us at all.  And the Olympics wish they had the passion that the Cup has.  If there is anything that I can get caught up in during the World is the passion of the fans and countrymen that live and die by this.  To be honest....aside from a disappointing jeer....does anyone care that we lost in Group Play??  Are we demanding that heads roll??  Did we all take off work or have a big gathering at our jobs to see our team play??  No.  We don't care.  And that's fine.  Either let the countries that live and die by this [England] carry on or the countries who use this as a vehicle to be on the world stage [Ghana].  

Let our crappy butts stay home